Final CSS -Portfolio page with links- Go ahead be mean:)

This is my portfolio page with a link to all my other html/CSS projects please tell me what you like, what you don’t like and where can I improve. I learned so much doing these projects over the last 2 weeks . I had to keep looking things up. These projects really made me realize how thorough FCC curriculum is as I kept thinking oh I want to do that, did we cover that"?

There is still a lot more want to do as well.

I know the code is sloppy but gradually gets better. I will be improving things as I go along.

Anyhoo thank you, any feedback or likes would be appreciative.

Massive space between sections? Try varying colors and adding pictures (or slideshows)

For example, here is a picture of my distract website and how they varied colors -->

These could easily be fa-icons below your title.

Try adding a image or something behind your title (not sure if it would look good, worth a try)


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List of helpful websites for web design (and inspiration) -->

Thank you for your suggestion.

Hello there,

There are 2 things I’d like to say.

  1. You got the fundamentals right, which is great. The HTML, CSS, you know what and how to do. Cool.

  2. Your designs look really bad. Now, FCC doesn’t teach you to design so there’s not much point going into it, maybe you don’t even care as long as the functionality is there. If you want to make your designs to look way better but still focus your time on building the functionality, you can always use bootstrap, so consider looking into it. I’m saying this after I’ve taken a look at a couple of projects listed in your portfolio.
    You’re playing around which is great (you learn a lot from that) but you’re overdoing things that are showing up there in the final projects, the colors, borders, messiness and all that. It just doesn’t look good.

I’ve also noticed that your CSS looks really messy, it probably isn’t messy (I haven’t looked through it all), but it looks it, there are indents where there shouldn’t be any and you’re not consistent in your writing in general.

FCC doesn’t teach you it, but its something that is easy to learn and you must learn.

Look up inspiration, websites, navbars, etc. Break down the web pages into sections and see how they did it.

He isn’t necessarily doing anything too much, Its simple currently and the web page can be expanded upon.

Just make sure to use good class names

I myself wouldn’t say everyone needs to learn, there are many devs who don’t know how to design and don’t have an eye for that, and instead work on JS and/or back-end while the design is done by a separate person.

Personally, I enjoy working with CSS and creating something of my own and making it look good, but there is a case here that anytime you learn/work with design is the time you’re not learning to program, I’d love to do great at both but gotta prioritize IMO.

Still, it doesn’t really take that much time to learn some basics of what good design is and it can only benefit you in the long-term so everyone should look into it at some point.

JS is only made for front end working with HTML/CSS. No one uses JS for back end work, or anything major. At that point they use C++ or something because its a lot simpler and faster.

Google does not use JavaScript.

FCC doesn’t either

You will need to learn how to make good looking web pages as a front end developer.

JS is considered a front end programming language, not back-end. Back end is entirely different.

You also seem to saying his webpage is bad because he shouldn’t make anything good looking because it apparently ‘doesn’t matter.’

I guess Node is not a thing and no one uses it for back-end? And as far as I can tell FCC is nothing but JS

Hey guys I’ve enjoyed all your lovely, if not misplaced comments but at this point I must interject. Node.js is a powerful tool that has been used my many major companies and FCC does touch on it in module 5, but it is far more powerful than people give it credit for. The people who complain are the ones that just jumped into using libraries without understanding the language.

. Javascript ( or typescript) completely a back end language and is one of the most popular ways to implement a full scale solution. Alsod with frameworks like react native and gapphone you can also make apps for both android and ios. Google is trying to displace JS with their new dart language and flutter framework but it is still far to new with some issues.
Facebook makes react, react uses Javascript or typescript.

Also c++ a lot simpler?

anyhoo don’t take my word for it just google it…but make sure you look at many sources and step out of your comfort zone.

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It is a lot better for back end then Javascript. JavaScript’s main purpose was to work with webpages, not for heavy back end. Yes you have Node but overall JS is not preferable. Its much more bulky and slower but simpler with front end work (UI).

"Google is a very big company, and it also gives its engineers a large degree of freedom in choosing their tools.

Most (but not all) low level server-side software is written in C++. Performance is of crucial importance when you operate hundreds of thousands of servers - 10% code optimization can result in saving millions of dollars. In extremely rare cases, some critical parts of the code are even written in assembly.

Java is used extensively for higher level server-side code: consumer-facing UI, for example. As anywhere, if you’re working on UI at Google, JavaScript is a must.

Python is the de facto language of internal infrastructure tools. It’s very flexible, and makes it easy to create data files which are themselves Python code. For example, Google’s build system is written in Python. Mondrian (code review system) is, too. Python has been becoming more and more popular for writing Web-servers, as well, although I’m pretty sure all the big stuff (GMail, Maps, Google+ etc.) is in Java.

These are the main 3. I’m sure you’ll find almost any language used by some team in some experiment at some point, but these three are the ones that accumulated very large codebases that Google maintains and re-uses."

Obviously, I was referring to Node.js when I talked about back-end, I guess I should’ve made it more clear :slight_smile:

I also didn’t say that it doesn’t matter whether what he makes is good looking or not. You want to prioritize especially in the beginning. Design and programming are two very different fields with very different focus points, and if you work at a company and specialize in javascript you’re unlikely to do a lot of design beyond not making it look terrible and probably using bootstrap (or other frameworks) for most of that.

Other than that:

  • FCC is all javascript like ezfuse said. I honestly don’t know what even gave you a different idea.
  • Google also uses javascript and many other languages
  • JS isn’t considered just a “front-end programming language”, it’s developed into a language that can be used virtually everywhere - front-end, back-end, machine learning, AI, data science, mobile device apps, desktop apps, video games and more. And yes, while it’s not “best at everything” (e.g. most people prefer python over JS for writing AI), it’s used everywhere and in many large companies.
  • I haven’t even ever touched C++ myself, but I can tell you for a fact it’s not simple and is considered one of, or the most difficult among the popular languages.

I don’t want to be mean but i don’t think you have really researched this or have looked at statistics.

You have a lot of good points and depending who you talk to they would agree. That’s why I said to look at many sources.

Only for the UI. Again most of it is backend with c++ and Python since its databases and calculations like video processing and your search results.

JavaScript is like a commuter car. It isn’t fast, but it is efficient at taking you back and fourth to work.’

C++ is like a race car. It isn’t as efficient with UI but is much faster, efficient and harder when it comes to racing. It pays off in the end however.

JS is a minority when it comes to a lot of that backend work. Yes it can be used for it, but mostly all big companies will not hire for it.

Its very easy to learn both at the same time. Getting inspiration from other people and programming is something you need to do, especially when on the projects.

Its very simple logic. JS is made for HTML/CSS, and C++ (etc) is made for back end. You can use JS for everything if you like, but anything big and major, like a company like Google, will use the fastest language because it saves money.

Hi! First time commenting on a project feedback post!
Here are some things I noticed (mind you I come from a design background I’m very eye-candy oriented, but also I am into user experience) so let’s get right to it!

  1. Loved the typing effect in the top section of the page. Eye catching, and nice.
  2. Spacing isn’t up to par in the other sections
  3. Play with CSS a bit more, it’s your friend! (LOL I literally spend more time in CSS than html…but that’s just me haha)
  4. The thumbnails for the projects can be cleaner. I also would suggest an icon here

Overall, pretty great especially with no JS code! I just suggest getting more familiar with CSS and check out other sites for inspo! Keep up the great work!

Thank you for your suggestions! They are great! Do you have any comments on the other projects? These projects are me going through the FCC challenges from no knowledge to gaining more knowledge as I explore CSS…and of course there’s more to learn.

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Though on the white- space spacing I like it. Im sorry guys I’m keeping it that way :slight_smile:

also here’s a more “normal” webpage. though I do like the artistic one better :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll skip talking about the design because it feels like we’re just bouncing the ball back and forth.

I know the advantages of using C++ / Python. I was just making a point that Google also uses javascript :wink:

Remember that not every company is Google (or any other huge company), they have to deal with hundreds of billions of visits a month and this amount of data. I’m pretty sure Node wouldn’t even be able to handle that. But I do notice you picked the one company that strays from using Node and you’re picking on it throughout over and over :slight_smile:

I’m not the enemy of C++, Python, Ruby, Java, PHP or others used for the back-end, but there is also no denying the fact that Node IS getting more popular and better every year, it’s pretty much set to get into the top. Also worth noting, don’t forget that’s Node is still very new compared to C++, Python, and others, and it got into this position in less than 10 years.

It has its limitations, but it also has many advantages. If you want to get into specific specialization then you’ll probably not just pick the first language that comes to mind and do the research for what’s best for this field. For working with the web which is what most people here are to do, Node is the perfect choice.

And no, large companies aren’t avoiding it, quite the contrary. Stop saying that, at this point you’re scaring people off from picking up a technology that’s actually doing amazing and only improving as far as hiring goes.

Companies do not wont to spend he money to retrain workers for a new framework or programming language. If C++ works then they will keep it. If Node.JS was faster they would switch.

You can use any programming language you want for anything, doesn’t mean it will be good.