Impressed With FreeCodeCamp Beta

Just wanted to sincerely throw a shoutout to the FCC Beta. I never really took FCC too seriously as I was a bit ahead by the time I came around. I directed my own work, and just the other day decided to get to work on doing some of the examples. I was blowing through them. Even blew through some of the JS algorithms, made me feel good about what I’ve been studying lately with plain JS.

Anyway I’m giving the beta a try now and it’s really really good. I jumped right into the applied visual design to see what you had for me, because of any instructional content, I think that is the one most lacking. The lessons are fantastic in the sense that they will require any new coder to build a familiarity with understanding where to do and to bridge an understanding betweeen css and html.

I still think you can’t quite give a good understanding of design principles from simple online examples. It takes more trial and error, and another human to tell you right and wrong to train your eye.

It gets a bit more complicated too as you learn css3 functions, animations, etc. Furthermore the examples are more instructive showing how to get some really cool results using plain CSS. I think most of the css you learned in the regular course used bootstrap only.

Anyway, I’m impressed, and it’s a darn good resource if you’re interested in actually getting started in Web Development. I’ve still got more to go, but from what I saw with the applied visual design, it’s modern, applicable, and instructive.