Full Beta FreeCodeCamp Walkthrough on YouTube :D

Hi everyone,
I started Beta FreeCodeCamp Series on youtube, where I am going thru all the challenges and project. Hopefully I am going to finish it until New Year’s Eve, also I am going to add tutorials to things I find useful in web dev, and would like to expand on freecodecamp curriculum like html5 (Canvas, SVG, Input types, Web storage, App cache, Workers) specifically for Upwork html5 test.
And for CSS I will focus on new CSS grid.

Currently, I finished Applied Visual Design and I am posting new videos daily. I don’t have mic, but I will get one when we get to Javascript and more complicated stuff. :smile: and until then you have nice chill music to code along, also, if you have any questions post then in the comments :smiley:

Interesting - I’ll try to watch this in the future - good lukc with your project :slight_smile:

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