New to freeCodeCamp - intro and goals

I registered yesterday and I started going through the curriculum today! I have an Applied Certificate in Web Site Design and Development and lots of hobby experience building with HTML and CSS, but I’ve been struggling to find my first work. (Lots of entry-level jobs asking for 3-5 years of experience, and I can’t move to a new city because I must be available to help my mother.)

I did really well in my course, although I felt like I didn’t grasp JavaScript like I wanted to. I don’t want that skill set, or the enthusiasm I feel for this subject, to fade while I continue to look for paid work.

My goals here are:

  • spend about 2 hours a day, 5 days a week, working on the site
  • refresh my HTML and CSS knowledge
  • refresh and improve my understanding of JavaScript
  • get more experience with front-end development libraries
  • expand my skill set with further courses

Welcome to the community @m-stanleysk !

This may interest you.

It is from Quincy’s weekly newsletter which I received yesterday.

  1. Many people who are learning to code have the goal of eventually working as a developer. But landing that first developer role is not an easy task. Luckily, my friend Lane Wagner created this course to help guide you through the process. It’s jam-packed with tips from me and a lot of other developers. (4 hour YouTube course): How to Get a Developer Job

Wishing you good progress.

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Thanks! I got the newsletter, too, and have put the video in my Watch Later, but I’m glad to have a reminder!

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You are welcome!

You should excel with your focus and plan set before you.

I am glad you got the newsletter, too.

Quincy’s newsletters always have so many good articles and opportunities.

Another good resource, I use regularly is the News category which can be accessed from the search bar, or in the Menu in the Curriculum area.

Wishing good progress @m-stanleysk !

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@m-stanleysk Welcome to the fCC community.
I am glad to see you are not giving up. Perhaps you can try thinking a little differently. I have a friendly suggestion for you. Have you thought about starting fCC’s JavaScript curriculum? (provided you haven’t already)

This could help you knock off the rust for html, and css. Plus you get some more JavaScript experience that you are talking about. You could also consider doing something alongside the fCC program. Try something like Frontend Mentor Challenges. (You can check out their website.) This will push you, it will also allow you to create more projects for your portfolio.
You can try freelance work, try something like fivver, ect. This gives you flexibility, more experience, and some money.
Contribute on GitHub. Find a project that you like, challenge yourself, learn new things. Besides learning new things, GitHub can be a place for you to showcase your portfolio (some projects that you have done, or working on as well.
Buff up your LinkedIn account or similar sites.
Work on programming problems on leetcode, or edabit, and so on.
Work on job interview questions.
What you have been doing isn’t working for you so try brainstorming for 15-30 minutes for ideas what to work on to give you a better chance for a suitable job according to your wants, and needs.
Consider working for yourself. If not now perhaps in the future. What do you need to do to get what you want, and need. This will give you the flexibility you’re seeking so you can take care of your mom.
Again I am only trying to create a spark for you. I am not telling you what to do. I wish for the best outcome for you.
Best of luck to you.


Thank you for the welcome and all the good suggestions! I have signed up for GitHub and am learning how to use it. I am going to start the JavaScript curriculum here soon – I wanted to start at the beginning with HTML/CSS to really get the rust out of my brain! At my current pace I think I should be into the JavaScript curriculum by mid-February.

I’ll be checking out Frontend Mentor Challenges and your other suggestions as well! Thank you again.


before this add most important goal of building simple projects, first with HTML and CSS, later adding JS to it

Do checkout Frontend Metor for this goal.

Without building projects and simply learning new things every week / month is dangerous and wrong this to do.


Thank you for this! People are giving me such good pointers for success! I’m planning to start with Frontend Mentor this week.

Also make sure build projects with others ( accountability buddies ), do coding on your own but end of day; you can check each other’s code and be accountable for daily tasks completion.

Coding alone is boring and not that effective.

All the very best with your journey and don’t hesitate to ask further queries.

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