Complementary resources for FreeCodeCampers?

Hi all,

I just started FreeCodeCamp and I am a total beginner. So far I have done the HTML5/CSS challenges and just started on the Bootstrap ones.

Do you know any resources that you have been using to complement what you have been learning through FreeCodeCamp? It feels like I am going through the challenges quickly (so far!) without getting the time to truly understand what i’m doing…

Any resources with definitions, extra challenges/projects, basics would be truly helpful in my opinion.

My apologies if there are already other similar topics!

Thanks you in advance for the help and long live FreeCodeCamp!

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Just because you “passed” the HTML and CSS challenges doesn’t mean you already know all that is to know about HTML/CSS. It is just a very small portion of the whole HTML and CSS realm. Think of FCC challenges as appetizers.

Some useful references


Thanks Owel!

I totally agree with you. Doing a few hours of CSS doesn’t make me an expert in the field and that is why I am asking for complementary ressources.


Yeah, I would check out some of these websites for more information: Udacity, Coursera, Udemy, SoloLearn.

Specifically, Udacity has some good courses on Linux command line, version control with Git, and some HTML courses.

You may also consider setting up a GitHub in your spare time if you get bored of challenges. Some more veteran users will probably chime in soon with more answers.

(Spoiler I am not a developer, just at the intermediate Front-End challenges and algos). I set up my own website: Setting up the website definitely taught me a lot about web development! And since I used WordPress it was not that difficult. Most literature I’ve read recommends at least one “side-hustle” or two, my website is mine.

I would recommend doing the “Code Your First Game” course on Udemy. It is a bit of hand-holding, but I’ve learned a few tricks by watching a more experienced coder work his magic. For example, I structured my functions much differently and tended not to put comments in my code. So it helped me. It was mainly a side-project for when I came to a stall on FCC challenges.

I’d sign up for the FCC newsletter too. They send a lot of good literature and course recommendations. There is a TON of free coding resources out there, but it’s up to everyone to synthesize this knowledge into something useful.

The Front End projects are where all the learning from the challenges comes together. I’ve found that I have learnt exponentially more completing a project than I have from blitzing through the initial challenges.

A Udemy instructor gave his course away for free on Reddit which I have found quite useful: Web Design Tutorial

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Thanks everyone! i had a look at the udemy courses and will give a try as well. I dont want to do too much too soon so i will try to build up some fundamentals first with what you guys provided.
thanks again