How after completing FreeCodeCamp Challenges

Hello coders! I’ve completed challenges for HTML-CSS section, but later how shall I practice what I learned is the big problem for me. I request you guys please share how do you manage it ?

Each section in the curriculum has several projects that you build on your own.

Not getting what are you trying to say ? Can you please explain ?

So build, build and build. But also research, research and research.

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What to build ? I do research.

Hey @MaheshPawar97,
Have you build the projects which are at the end of the section titled “Responsive Web Design Projects”?

@aditya_p I’ve build two of them. Tribute page & Survey form

So, go ahead and build the rest of them using everythin you have learned.
If you get stuck somewhere, you can google the issue or you can post your issue here on the forum.

Just go through the fCC curriculum and at the end of each certification you will be asked to build some projects.

Use Google, StackOverflow and the all Web to research. :wink:

Just try building samples of websites you visit with just Html and Css. some of which are facebook, gmail, freecodecamp etc. Try as much as possible to make yours depict the original website. Thank will increase your knowledge. There’s more to CSS

I’ll go for rest ones. If got stuck I’ll post it.:grinning:


Good Luck


Happy Coding

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