Practice the lessions

How do I practice the information in the lessons to burn it into my brain?

Sounds painful.
Honestly, you have to use it. If you’re still doing the challenges, they will build on each other so the stuff you’re learning will be reinforced. Then you’ll get to the projects which is where you’ll really be pushed to use what you’re learning.

:laughing: Your responses are awesome.

But I agree with @ArielLeslie that projects are the best way to practice your skills along with the challenges.

With enough dedicated practice certain concepts will start to make sense and building projects will start to become a little bit easier to manage.

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So there is NO practice problems on this site?
Is there some other site to go too?
“Honestly, you have to use it.”
Exactly. But where and how?

the projects are a good way to practice what you learned

also there is not a repetition of same topics because there is no expectation for you to remember all the stuff, but to go back to previous challenges as needed and use the Read-Search-Ask method

to practice you can use an online editor (, etc) and play with what you have met so far

Where are the projects, I think is my question.

At the end of each module there are projects you can complete to get certificate.

You could look into w3resource which has a few practice problems.

As mentioned before though you will get way more practice when you hit the end of the responsive design section and start the projects.

Also, when you start learning your first programming language there will be plenty of sites for you to practice with. (leetcode, hackerrank, FCC, codewars, etc)

I haven’t seen any ‘projects’ just the lesson html that then starts CSS. I’ve searched several times for practice and projects and haven’t found anything.
Thanks anyway…

Literally every single piece of the curriculum ends in a section called “projects” and the last section on the page says “thousands of hours of challenges”. I’m not sure what website you were looking at.

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Here is the link for the introduction page for the five responsive design projects

Sorry I was asking the wrong question. Thank you for your help!