Finding Ways to Practice Beginners HTML and CSS


I am just starting to learn HTML and CSS and I’m looking for opportunities to practice what I am learning. I am still doing pretty beginner activities, but I don’t want to forget anything as I progress, so the additional practice would really benefit me. Does anyone know any other sites or apps that have small practice projects?

You could look ahead at the freeCodeCamp projects and start chipping away at the first one.

Hey dalianea,
I agree with Ariel that you will probably learn the most by working directly on the projects. As a substitute to learn syntax I liked:

The book series “A Smarter Way To Learn …” comes also with online exercises. I didn’t do the HTML/CSS exercises, but the JavaScript helped me. (Starting with the second one you don’t need to register)

I also started to use the spaced repetition software Anki, which I love. For every exercise I learn, I create a flashcard with only a link. Clear the old code, do the exercise again, not looking at the explanation. The algorithm shows you the cards less and less as you get better. So it’s quite efficient, but you can keep your knowledge fresh.

@dalianeajohnson I say that you should create your own practice projects that are of interest to you. That way it will keep you interested. If I had an interest in dump trucks I would make a landing page with pictures of dump trucks.
Another method is to just try to copy a simple website that you like for practice. Look for a minimalistic webpage to copy.
Another tip is to repeat what you are learning from memory, for example, create the boiler plate HTML5 10 times from scratch and you will remember it for a long time.