Can anyone suggest me in learning HTML and CSS?

How should I start learning HTML and CSS ?
How should be my Strategy and planning to learn HTML and CSS?
Do I need to make any notes to remember
element syntaxes and etc.?
Is it enough to follow the instructions given in freecodecamp tutorials?
I am NON-IT background student , interested to learn CODING.
Your answer helps me to begin my journey to learn CODING.
Thank in advance!

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Hi there,welcome to freecodecamp,you can learn programming here on


Whether or not taking notes helps you is a matter of personal learning style.
Don’t worry about trying to memorize syntax. Focus on understanding what you are doing. You can google the exact name or usage when you need to.
The freeCodeCamp lessons will get you started, but you’ll learn the most when you’re working on projects.


Hi, e.raghu192. Welcome to the FCC forum! :grinning:

In addition to what’s been said so far, I find it helpful to work on my own, smaller projects, in addition to the tutorial challenges and certification projects. I’ll finish the tutorials on a subject like CSS Flexbox (for example), and then build a few pages where I just experiement with what I’ve learned.

I don’t worry about making these personal coding exercises look too nice. I make a lot of mistakes and the results often end up very ugly as I try to discover how the code really works. It takes a little more time than just running through the exercises, but it saves me a lot of frustration when it is time to do some real coding, later.


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Honestly, I would say to feel free and experiment! Everyone has a different learning style so it’s ok if you find one method works better than another.

I am a more visual person (graphic design background) and I find watch videos of explanations helps me learn much faster than reading. But the flip side is experimenting on my own helps me to retain the knowledge for a longer period of time.

Taking notes on paper may help but the most important thing is to just practice, even if it’s for a little bit every day.

You can try reading, audio books, video tutorials, anything at all. There’s really no wrong answers here. Hope this helps!


The best way to learn X is to build something with X.

There’s no substitute for doing, no substitute for struggling through problems and finding solutions. Sure, you’ll want to read an introductory article or two, just to get the real basics and to bootstrap your starting point. But at the end of the day, just making something - ANYTHING - is what you need to do.
Also, I really like HTML for beginners from Traversy Media, he is very very educational, and has so many different tutorials to expand your knowledge.

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