Need advice for learning

Hello so i just started free code camp and i finished with the html section and i am halfway through the css section. Since there are a lot of things to remember is it helpful if i write down the lessons or the example code in the lesson on paper. Or is it okay if i use cheat sheets for html and css ,since i noticed there are projects and they will probably require making use of what i learned so far.

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No programmer will remember everything they have ever used, the languages features are extensively documented online, and it is absolutely normal to consult them often

Make sure you understand what the lessons are showing you, and maybe search also that topic on the documentation - if you start already to remember the basics and the most common things it’s just a gain for later

Other than that it’s up to you if you want to create cheat sheets, tables, or just use the documentation - do whatever aid you better in the learning process


When you are a beginner, just copying code can be very useful. I’d suggest using a simple text editor like Notepad++ to copy the code. Just save your html files with the .html extension and you can open them directly in the browser. You can also learn how to link in your css files. This is a great way to start.

Taking notes is essential for any serious learning. A good method is to grab a screenshot of a piece of code, then summarise how it works in your own words.


I personally have a hard time remembering code. I recommend remembering the basics. I started practicing just basic HTML first then started trying out basic CSS. Don’t worry about the harder stuff at the start. Take baby steps. Once you have those down, experiment with something a little harder. But most definitely, Practice Practice Practice!

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The lessons are here to teach you about topics and their use-cases. Your job is not to remember 100% of how they work, but remember generally what and how so you can look them up later.

No one remembers everything, but you should focus on remembering how to get the information, and remember only common use-case stuff. So for example knowing the difference between a div and p tag, and when to use which is good to remember. But you don’t need to remember the default styling applied to a p tag, only that it has some. (as an example)

I personally never take notes and never try to memorize specific complex syntax because I can look it up. I also try to use tools that help me not think, such as using Typescript instead of vanilla.js when possible to get type-ahead, so my editor handles the syntax, not me. I also use editors that try to help me (VSCode is fantastic)

The best way to learn isn’t to try to memorize everything, but rather learn by doing. So for example, you can jump to the challenges and find yourself struggling on a topic, and find the solution by looking it up. You might run into the same problem multiple times thru multiple projects, and every time it might become more familiar. After a while it will become second nature, and not because you forced yourself to memorize it, but because it is familiar. This is a vastly better approach because you get to focus your time on what matters to you at the time, rather than you trying to learn everything. (that isn’t possible)

Keep building, keep finding those questions, and don’t be afraid to look things up. The goal isn’t to be able to do everything from just your brain, the goal is to be able to solve anything with the help of documentation! :laughing:


thanks ill keep everything you have suggested in mind