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hello guys, I just joined this forum today & want to start learning coding from 0 on my own, but I’m confused where to start, do I have to memorize the elements and attributes first? please give input/tips for me, it will be very helpful

PS : I’ve followed learn HTML by building a cat photo and now I’m at step 49

Dont try to memorize things, it’s impossible to memorize all of this. Theres just no way, there is so much information and things change from time to time. So dont get discouraged if you feel like you need to look something up to see how its done. I look things up all the time when I am working to remind myself. Its ok if you dont remember things, and need to ask questions or look something up. This question is always asked by people just starting out. The more you practice with this stuff, the more you remember and it sticks with you. Dont skip over the projects in each section because thats where you will get to practice and put to use what you went through in the challenges. Practicing this stuff is going to best way of learning


Well said. In addition,I recommend that you consult this site when you get stack or when you need to remind yourself something. It has really been so informative to me.

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Ok thanks for the input, this is the first time I like a forum like this, which does not give hateful comments, I will study harder, if there are useful suggestions I beg for guidance

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thanks my friend also suggested that website too and it really helped, but there are still some things on that website for me to spend money on

Unless you want some premium features,its absolutely free to study.

if can keep practice than know what elements for code can be used a lot and than others can be new many elements and many names like many have put here no one can learn and know all code if you want can make a list of things in a computer note of elements you type a lot and than can build own group of things you use a lot and also internet can have all problems you can have in code already many websites in world can help when need good to try on own but can be ok to find answer is part of coding me can be new and learning html and css many can feel is basic but powerful tools with many many features and code thank you take care gn gm fren

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