Help me to learn HTML & CSS from Zero level!

Hello Everyone.

I am totally new to learn about HTML & CSS. Please, anyone suggest me how to I start my journey to learn HTML & CSS. Suggest any online course or related things.


@mraisulamin hey,
It’s nice to see someone else joining in,in the cyber world especially in the programming sector .I’d recommend you go on with the freecodecamp course which will help you out on how to code with HTML and CSS at beginner.Just follow on with the challenges and if you get stuck maybe watch a video,get a hint.or even just post it here at the forum and someone will respond back at you and help you as well with the problem you encounter.After the course at least you will know how to use HTML and CSS for the meantime and maybe try them out with the last few challenges made for you.Afterwards when you know your ready you can learn a new language like JavaScript or maybe python but i would mostly recommend you learn JavaScript first.All in all i wish you the best in progressing on forward with learning how to code.
Hope this helps!

Hi, there.
in my case, w3school is the best for beginners. visit it and after studying 2 or 3 days, check your skills in this site, - curriculum. if you have questions, most of people will help you. I will be one of them. if you want more suggestion, send me your email address.

@mraisulamin Do use the Freecodecamp curriculum, it is excellent and vast. A good way to learn is to do a little bit each day. Then later on try to remember what you learned by recreating it from scratch from memory.