Perfect Solution for beginners with HTML / CSS problems

I noticed MANY topics here are repetitive and MANY people having problems with (very basic) HTML and CSS tasks.

now I believe this website is very clear with the tasks, but many people getting confused with the simplest tasks cause they have 0 knowledge of basic HTML element structures.

so my suggestion is for all beginners who wish to learn Coding to start with this :
Watch the full video for HTML crash course.

Then watch the full video for CSS crash course.

Then come back here and start learning the right way with this amazing website curriculum.

My brother is a full-stack web developer and guided me this way.
if you stay on tutorials you get stuck in the tutorial tornado (watching videos thousand of hours and then forgetting everything in minutes) so make sure you use both this website and few tutorials.

It’s not important what channel you use in youtube. personally I’m subscribed to 20 channels including FreeCodeCamp youtube channel. But personally I found Brad (the maker of the 2 videos I linked) to be as simple and effective as possible.

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That’s a cool resource! A basic understanding of structure is really helpful when tackling HTML/CSS for the first time.

To add to the cool resource sharing, I’d advise any folks who don’t learn easily from videos to check out W3 schools. These will give you written examples showing how HTML and CSS is structured.

The ‘try it yourself’ buttons let you play with the example code which can be really useful.


A video about inputs and forms.
this really gave me a solid understanding


Another very helpful thing to do would be watching this complete playlist

Don’t worry its not a 1 hour video each but its for sure important playlist to understand basic stuff like pseudo elements (::before :after) or units (px . rem . em . vh . vw) and many other very commonly used elements and attributes

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