Please help me continue my tutorial?

So, I want watching the following tutorial which is basically going through the syllybys of CSS on that site

CSS Full Course - Includes Flexbox and CSS Grid Tutorials(Type this on youtube and go to the freecodcap tutorial). Again cant post the darn link because I am a new user.

However, starting from the minute 45:48 I couldnt follow anymore as he is using materials that are not available on the freeCodeCamp CSS syllybys. PLease help?

Do you mean the part about css variables? It is part of the curriculum

Probably the video is from before the last curriculum update so now there are new challenges added before that one. The name of the challenges in the video are those of the corresponding one in the curriculum, if you go to the upper right corner and click “Curriculum” you can go to the challenge you want.

I would still advice for you to try to solve the challenges on your own, it may seems you are understanding anything now, but it may cause you to have more difficulties when you are doing your projects. Look at the tutorial afterward, or only if you can’t do the challenge on your own (and a few hours or day later try again on your own anyway)

First thanks for the advice. I will keep them in mind as it is a different way of thinking about learning. But, I honestly cant find the challenges. I actually they have cut them down. I have about only 4 or 5 remaining and he has like still around an hour to go.

I dont know where to find these challenges they were all part of the CSS course

That is the Basic CSS part, below there are also Flexbox and Grid which are still CSS but are in their own section - this part of the curriculum (certificate) is all html and css divided by topics

Well check it out. Cant thank you enough. And hope I will be smart enought and listen to your advice :wink:

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