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Hi - I am about 60% through the CSS course and looking for projects so I can practice. Any suggestions?

Thank you

Have you done the 5 projects at the end of the responsive web deisgn certification? Those are a good start.

Thank you for your response. No I was looking for something in between. It just seems like so much information to take in before testing it out.

I came across this tutorial:

It also has an extended course on Udemy known as " 50 Projects In 50 Days - HTML, CSS & JavaScript"

Other than that, I search in code pen and try to find projects that are on my level and, I try to recreate them myself.
Hope this helps.

These are 2 great resources. Thanks so much!

Hello there!

For what you say you are only 60% through the CSS course so I will assume you haven’t reached the CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid sections of the certification right? Once you get there you should play around with these two games:

It’s a really fun way to practice those concepts and Grid and Flexbox are an important concept of CSS. Just keep them bookmarked for once you reach those sections.

I also checked the topics that the basic CSS section teaches, and I would recommend at least finish this section, since a project would cover more topics that the ones that come in the basic CSS section. However if you want to practice those concepts more, you can always try again the section challenges and play around with the CSS properties, apply different values and see how they work in the editor. No fear of breaking anything.

But that’s just my advice, I hope it’s useful some way. Good luck through the certification!


Grid garden is very cool!

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