Getting Started w CSS

Hi, so I got started on the curriculum last month and I am just confused everytime i look at css. Im not new to css but im new to writing it, if that makes sense. It all looks jumbled to my brain

Is it best to progress through all the modules whilst watching the YT channel series for each one and then try to do each project?

Thanx in advance

We all have our own methods of learning, if you think that will help you understand CSS better, why not.

Bruh, I thought i was the only one. I have the same problem. I tried making the tribute page but it turned out to be horrible. Very glad i am not in this alone.

Well yea i get that but like the second project has aspects not covered in each module. I dont recall going over how to put a background image on the page with an opacity over it. Im trying to be like the example project or creating a form.

My question i guess is more of were these long full course youtube videos meant to teach as u go thru each section.

Yea, that’s definitely not part of the Responsive Web Design course. You were not meant to copy the “exact” design of the provided example, though. I understand what you mean, and I agree perhaps some youtube videos will cover that part for you.

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