I feel like the course doesn't go in depth enough?

Hi all. So I started this course, and finished the first three modules.
then started to take a look at the projects , this has sort of been going ok , but not great.
I really feel like the course material doesn’t go in depth enough ?

So I’ve had to read up online as well , other sites and videos , but I feel a bit overwhelmed. I do want to continue with this course , finish all the projects , certificates etc, but need a little help with where to start .

Or is it just me maybe? Maybe if I finished up all the modules the projects make more sense ?
Thanks !

I didn’t so much experience this with the HTML/CSS stufff, but I definitely felt the Javascript tutorials were “out of order”, where earlier ones got clarified by later ones. But in all cases, MDN, W3, etc are your friend. Eventually you get used to reading documentation to find what you’re looking for. I kind of bounce around between code camp curriculum, W3 curriculum, and Youtube code alongs.
If there’s something specific you’re stuck on, we’re happy to help! :slight_smile:

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I think I’m the right person to answer this as right now,as I’m typing this, I’m doing my final project of html/css course.
I finished the course material (excluding projects) withing 3 days or so. And when I was thrown into the projects is when I realized how much questions I had to get answered. I constantly kept searching . And asking questions which helped me a lot. I feel it’s great that they make you search and learn on your own. You will learn a lot of things that way.
You will know when to use which property as there are billions of them and I’m sure you are already confused what to do with so many. The community is very too.
We are there to help whenever you need us. Hope I helped you in someway

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Ok thanks for the replies. I’m having to read a book about css3/html5 as well .
Found a very helpfull youtube video