Feel like i might just not be doing well enough like ohters

I feel like im just not understanding these projects as fast and i should. I am wondering if anyone else just cant remember the basic code after they do it with other projects for the next one. I look at my completed projects and others. it just seems like others make it with a breeze.

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Hi again!

After being on the forum for a while, I can tell you that most people struggle with their first few projects.
Very few go through them with a breeze.
It is also important to remember that some people who start the Responsive course, are not complete beginners.

When I first started, I remember taking my first HTML and CSS course on edx and there was a guy who seemed to know so much more than everyone else.
His projects looked way more polished then the rest the class and I thought I was missing something from the course.
It turns out, he had already been programming for a few years and was just taking the course as a refresher.

That is completely normal.
When you are learning anything new for the first time it will take a while before things start to click.
With more practice and time the understanding of the concepts will get better.

Most people struggle with this.
It is completely normal. :grinning:

Just try to take it one day at a time :grinning:

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ok thank you. Must be my perfectism lol

It has been several years and I still spend half the time googling code. People pay you for the job done and not all the things memorized.

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I was wondering if you could explain what you needed to know to get job ready

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