Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Hey everyone! I’m James, just started on the Responsive Web Design curriculum tonight. I’m enjoying it so far and think it’s awesome seeing some of the code that I’m inputting actually doing stuff. I’ve only had to access hints a few times as I was stumped, but I’m just going to assume that’s natural. Lol. I don’t expect to remember everything but does anybody have any tips on remembering some of the key “code”? I’ve been writing down notes as I go to help out. Thanks!

Yeah, don’t try to remeber everything, there’s a lot of information out there and you can always google up things and that’s not cheating, is completely normal.

And about remembering things I’d say the best way to remember something is always by practice. The more you apply those concepts the more they will attach to your brain, there’s no other way. I usually take notes of everything I learn but truth is, I almost never remember any of that even if I just wrote it down two days ago, but once you start applying the concepts and actually using what you’re learning once and again then you’ll have no problem remembering those concepts the next time you need them. So, take notes but also try to actually apply what you’re writing down, maybe in a project or small exercises but never stop practicing.

Okay awesome, glad to know googling things is common practice. I’d consider myself as a master googler at this point in my life lol! Thanks for the advice, I’m excited to get into the thick of it and get to a point where I’m able to apply some of this knowledge and start working on my own small things!

hi james one thing i would say is this isnt a rush. as u go through each challenge get one of those composition books and write notes as you read through each lesson. you learn much better actively writing as you read instead of and actually typoing the code on the code editor instead of just copy and pasting sample code. you will also run into some of the code again whne it tests your knowledge of what you learn. so having them in the notes will come in handy later on. saves you time of going through the lessons again to find certain snippets of code you need to get through future challenges. becaue many times later chapters will require lines of code you done before.

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