A little stuck but still hopeful. oh and hello!

Hi, I’ve been learning to code for a little over a month now. I know its not very long and I have been picking up and retaining a bit of the html and css that I have been doing tutorials/fcc challenges on. I feel like I am retaining a fair amount but I also feel that I may be stunting my growth since I find it hard to hold on to everything. I started taking notes on paper while I do the challenges on elements that are a bit harder for me to grasp with the limited explanations in the challenges. Even though its only been a couple days with the note taking it seems to be helping.

I have a really hard time being a part of a community like this one and I am trying to remedy that right now. I know I’ll be able to learn a lot from all you of and get my concepts into reality soon enough.


I don’t ever take notes, and don’t plan on remembering anything more than “I can use something like X to do Y”. You can figure out the exact syntax, implementation, and details when you need something. Kind of like remembering where you generally put something in your house, but not exactly how and where you put it.

I also don’t believe in trying to memorize much, you should focus on learning by doing, you’ll remember what you run into and use more often, and forget things you never use.

The goal isn’t to memorize 100% of everything, its to be able to figure out any problem by getting help, and remembering just enough to know how you should go about things.

Good luck, and keep going at it :slight_smile: