Starting again, from scratch

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! I am excited to participate here and progress on my coding journey.

I’ve tried learning to code (HTML/CSS/Javascript) over the last several years; sometimes a little, sometimes long sprints. It has always puttered out before I really reached critical mass. Since then, I’ve realized a few things.

  1. Mindset. I have a healthier outlook now about the learning process, my own capabilities, and my expectations for results.

  2. Consistency. My main issue has previously been sticking to it, especially over more than a month or two. If I try to expend a large amount of energy all at once, I run out of juice and give up. This time, I plan to spend a smaller, regular amount each day on it.

  3. Social Support. I’ve realized that this forum can be an excellent way to keep in a positive and productive headspace while learning a tough new skill like coding. That is exactly what I need - people to talk to about it! I really liked what @ArielLeslie said here about considering others in the forum classmates.

(Hilariously, I seem to have switched accounts or deleted all my progress at FCC. I guess my post is titled more appropriately than I realized… Oh well! Should be even faster this time, and I was only part-way through the Basic CSS. Here we go!)


Hi @hellotheredanhere !

Welcome to the forum!

I am glad to hear that you have decided to give learning how to code another chance.

I started learning about 11 months ago and it has been a crazy journey to say the least. :laughing:
But I am glad I am still here. :grinning:

This is so true.
I see so many people enter the forum with the mindset of I have to learn this stuff in x amount of days or else I am failure. And that kind of mindset is really damaging.
When you focus on small wins then the learning process becomes more enjoyable.

Every little bit counts.
And you will see the results when you consistently stick with something for months.

It is a great way to keep you motivated and help you through the tough times.

Good Luck! :grinning:


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