Getting back to it

Hi there, not sure if anyone will give a toot but I really feel like I just need to get this all out.
Maybe it will help others and myself to keep pushing forward, maybe not… It does feel nice writing this, so thank you for taking the time to have a read!

Now since leaving school, roughly ten years ago I have been chasing the weekend pretty much continually. By saying that I mean, just partying non stop and not really caring about my future to much. I had some proper fun but was not a smart use of time, plus I just built up loads of debt :frowning: (I have always worked full time in construction, but have never got ahead of the game) so now i am sorting it out.

I have always been unsure were i want to go with my future, and how i am going to leave my mark in this beautiful world.

I have considered a ton of different career options over the past 12 months, and the only option I kept going back to and actually appealed to me was becoming a software developer. I’ve always loved technology and have been curious about coding from my day one with computers, this was when the bad boy acorn computer landed in my mum’s dining room. I ignored the inner me wanting to learn code and always put myself down saying that there’s absolutely no way I’m smart enough for that, and I’m to stupid so pass it off every time.

A couple of months ago I silenced the doubt I’ve built up over nearly two decades and got stuck into Free Code Camp. I have made a lot of progress (for me)and now understand the basics of HTML and CSS . I have since created two website’s, (WP plugin based) the 1st relates to my day job, the others random as. This has very much taken all my free learning to code time, although I still am learning bits and bob’s by checking behind the scenes of websites. I haven’t been progressing properly so now im getting back to free code camp to make that lost progress up and get that job I really truly want. I study 2 hours a day when I’m focused and more at the weekend.
I want to get a job in tech and am not going to stop until I achieve my dreams.
Thank you for reading,
Take care.

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