Trying to get back into Coding; Need advice

It’s been 2 years after graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in I.T.; the first to get a College Degree in my family. I still remember elements of coding, including Java, HTML, JavaScript, and more. And I really need to get back into the grind. I do have a tech job, and even though it’s in IT, I want to utilize more of my coding skills which I love so much. I really want to do so much more with my skills but I struggled a LOT. I hadn’t been able to get into a tech job and while I have a lot of ambitions, right now, its harder to find the best place to get there. I have too hard on myself on how much I couldn’t get into a tech job and would love to get help. I am trying to be more active while I also continue to have IT at the same time in order to make the transition to a coding job more easy for me. I hope I can be a better learner, too. Although I’m not at college nor am I going to Bootcamp, I am self-learning and I’m hoping to work on improving my coding skills from what I remember in college and get back into being a better programmer. Maybe down the road, I hope I can go to Grad School and get a Masters Degree in Computer Science. I really hope I find ways to improve. I also wonder about your advice and tips on being a better programmer and to be a better learner.

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Do you have a portfolio and projects? GitHub?

Is there a specific area you’re most interested in? Eg frontend or backend?

To give good advice it helps to have a clearer understanding of where you are and where you want to go.

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I already have a GitHub but I’ve been learning through Coursera as well but the hardest part for me is the projects where I don’t have a clear path to making projects. I am hoping to start off somewhere before going into building complex ones.

Ok cool, well that’s a start. Just keep learning and building within your particular chosen stack and ideally make coding a daily habit. If you do that you’ll find yourself naturally advancing.

I know that advice is a bit vague but I don’t know what languages you know, what your resume looks like, what your aims are…

But if you’re an early stage learner that’s totally fine and expected. Just keeping learning and building.

Yeah, I have to agree. I am already trying to understand the programming languages and trying to get help with trying to work on projects. The part with projects feels hard because I sometimes don’t have a clear idea on what I want to fully build.

Hey Jordy, I have a hard time coming up with project ideas also. I heard Frontend Mentor is a pretty good website that provides basic to advanced project ideas. It has free and paid versions with a Discord channel for connecting with other developers for help. You might consider checking it out if you’re interested in frontend and would like additional project ideas.

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