Learning coding to potentially change career (from sciences)

Hi everyone, a brief background on me and why I want to code.
I took a computer science class in high school which I really enjoyed, but sadly never pursued it.
Also took exercise science in high school that I pursued into university. Did 4 co-op terms in Ergonomics that I did enjoy and thought I’d continue my career in. Right after graduating I found a job as a consultant but was dismissed 5 months into probation without cause. This is a field of work has a narrow scope of practice and very few jobs out there.

With that in mind I thought maybe I’d pursue coding, as I’ve always been interested but was worried about how hard it might be. I’ve really enjoyed the past 10 or so part time hours I put in so far. Can’t wait to see how the rest of it goes. Hopefully one day I can master web development and UX design. I also want to learn as many languages as I can. Any suggestions on which ones would be best? I’ve found HTML/CSS to be OK so far.

Thanks for listening to my story :slight_smile:

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Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

Javascript will soon be your best friend/ sometimes nemesis! :wink:

I was in the same situation, except my first degree was in Biology. I went back to school and got another bachelor in Computer science. If you have half a brain then you are golden. A lot of the time what I do is google and stackoverflow what I don’t understand. Then try out the suggestions and really disassemble them to see how the code is actually working line by line. Why don’t you start with a simple project like writing your own resume website since you have an idea of html/css and that’s 1/3 of the battle all you need left is jquery and javascript if you want to do cool animation on your site. After this you could learn a web framework like angularjs or if you feel adventurous the MEAN stack. Having a project in mind will give you a reason to keep interest.

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Thanks for the replies!

I’m very hesitant to return to school for a second bachelors because I prefer not having to pay for school haha. I was hoping that FCC would help guide me without me having to pay a hefty $25K for school again.

Thats some good advice! I’ll definitely start thinking about a project - maybe a product website.