Started coding a year ago, I wonder where im going to end up

Hey guys I just started coding a year ago because my friend who I really look up too codes and well It looked appealing so I started learning on anything I could youtube w3 school and now on here I havent mastered anything but im beginning to get the hang of html and css im working on the projects right now. I have a GED and best job I ever had paid $11.50 an hour im 25 and well I think this could be my niche like my purpose in life the way I can get ahead Im always on the computer anyways I might as well get paid for it, I dont know enough to do know what I want to do I know theres Web dev, game dev,software engineer ,programmer. Theres so much and since I only know html and css I not sure where I want to go with this But maby with some feedback and input it can help me get a better idea of what I want to do.
All feedback welcome thanks alot guys!

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Check out the forum here on FCC there’s so much to gain HTML CSS JS and so much more! Keep Coding!! Creating what users actually interact with is very cool!!! Impressions are very valuable! :vulcan_salute:

The freecodecamp curriculum is more than enough to get a really good foothold in the industry. Religiously work on the curriculum and come and show your portfolio/project here in the forum and input in all the constructive criticisms. Work through each and every exercise and make enough and more mistakes now without feeling discouraged.
With the basic knowledge you have and little more that you’ll acquire start building simple websites to see if you really love being a web developer. If not then look into other industries.