Trying to start a thing

Hi there

i am new to freeCodeCamp. Not so new with topics like program languages and working in the IT but of course there is a problem.

I am autistic. That said i don’t have anything close to a CV somebody would consider as worthwile. Instead i struggled a lot with things others don’t even realize.

But i work and worked in different IT companys and teach pupils in Program languages, what i am missing are projects and certificates.

My goal is it to reach a point where i can work with my knowledge and make a living. It doesnt have to be much but it’s my dream to do something on my own.

So i will try to pick a few courses here and to make some videos and tutorials on my way and hopefully get to a point where my chances of finding work are better than before.

Right now my Topic is Python and i also want to itensify my knowledge in C++ and API and may take some web developement courses as well.

As i am also interested in game developing (only for myself) i would like to learn a few things that can help me with this topic.

So if you have some advice which courses i should do first or any motivating words… i am up for it.

Well, it’s a hard row to hoe for anyone, getting that first job.

Most of my limited experience is web dev. I would recommend having a plan of what you want to do and work towards that, in terms of what technologies you want to learn. Be flexible, but have a plan, even if that later changes. If you figure out what you want to do, try to find people doing that job and see what it takes. Check out blog posts, videos, etc. Reach out to people doing that job on linkedin and ask what they would recommend. Check out the job listings for jobs that you want and see what they say they require (realizing that those are often exaggerated).

But other than that, just build things and learn new things. When that gets boring, build new things and learn things. The more tech you know, the easier it is to get hired, and the more interesting things you’ve built, the easier it is to get their attention.

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thx kevin. i think that is a good way to go on. i hesitated a lot in the past and was nearly done with this topic. Than i started over again and got a great little job which i love to do.

And know i want to know more and to learn as much as i can. Right now my job consists of teaching pupils basics in program languages and i am sure that i can be a better teacher if i take a few courses and do a few projects.

Yeah, if your goal is just to become a better teacher, then that takes some pressure off. The advice is still the same, just with less urgency.