Can I actually get a job after completing all the sections on freecodecamp?

I do not have a background in programming or web developing. I have a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and work full time…so going back to school is not really an option. I heard about this from a friend, but just really want to know before I invest all this time…can I really get a job just from completing the entire curriculum, without having any background in computers?

Thanks for all your help

My background was in Music (with a tiny bit of programming, decades before). I finished FCC, spend another year learning new things, building things, polishing my resume and portfolio, practicing interviewing skills… After a A LOT of interviews, I got a job at 49. #ymmv

You will not qualify for every job. But you don’t need to - you need to get a job. There aren’t many fields like web dev and dev work in general - they care what you have done and what you can do. There are places that will only want CS grads. There are jobs that will need CS grads. But there is also work out there where it doesn’t matter as much. But it’s going to take a lot of work to get there.


Thank you for your response. That is promising to hear.

I didn’t want it to sound too promising. :wink: There is a lot of hard work ahead and this will take longer than you hope. Getting a job will depend on a lot of factors - where you live, your personality, the job market where you are, how well you interview, what kind of contacts you have/grow, etc. And luck. But I believe that if someone is at least of average intelligence and aptitude, if they work hard and don’t give up, the odds of them landing a job will increase over time until the law of averages catches up.


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I started learning how to code in June of 2020 and now work as a junior developer.
My previous career was in music and never learned how to code before.

I used freeCodeCamp as my main learning resource, built my own projects on the side, joined developer communities and built connections along the way, shared my learning online like on twitter, and landed a job.

Your best chance of landing a job is to build a good foundation, build unique strong projects outside of class, learn how to network with other developers, be active in the developer community to learn about job opportunities, learn how the job process works.

The biggest mistake people make is they think all they have to do is learn how to code.
But there is more to getting a job than that.

You need to study people who landed jobs and understand what they did.
You will start to see some similarities in their approach and start to understand why they were successful in landing a job.

Read through dozens of posts here on the forum, about the dos and don’ts of landing a job.
Learn from it and apply it to your approach.

Hope that helps!


Hello! This is indeed inspiring as I am a first-year college student taking Computer Science without any knowledge of Coding.

I just want to know if you don’t mind, some courses you took in order for you to create projects and land with your first Job?

I thank you so much.

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Hi @antoniette.barcenas1 !

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That’s awesome :slight_smile:

Make sure to take advantage of the career resources your school has to offer.
As a CS student, you will have access to internships, fellowships and other opportunities that self taught developers without a cs degree don’t usually have access too.

I completed the first three certificates of freecodecamp and did some of the exercises in the backend certificate.
After that I was building personal projects and being active in the developer community.

I was able to land a job by building personal projects outside of a class and networking with other developers in the field to learn about job opportunities.

Hope that helps!

You can get a job without going to a paid course, or having professional education, however completing the curriculum alone might not be sufficient. The knowledge presented here would be enough, but you will need to practice it, in order to acquire it. My answer is YES, you can land a job, relying on this curriculum, but you want to back that with working on your own personal projects, to learn the material and also look for outside sources to tackle problems which are not part of the curriculum. There are great many sources outside of fcc. Part of becoming a good programmer is knowing how and where to find needed info, such are the documentaiton on all kinds of technologies. There are also planty of video guides on youtube on various topics. You dont even have to finish the entire curriculum, just make sure, what is presented here you learn and practice well and you build on top of it, until you feel confident to find a real job(or find one which requires only the said knowledge).

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