I need motivation!

Hi guys, My name is Samuel, I started programming a very long time ago, hopefully this should be my 4 year in it.
I have not been consistent in it, because of some sort of financial challenges, I could not be consistent because of most jobs I had never give me that time and it has nothing to do with web technology, they even do not pay well, making data subscription very expensive for me to afford.

For now I have not done my portfolio which I plan to do with using freeCodeCamp and 100DaysOfCode this new year, so that I can be able to get a job as a Web developer.

So my plan is to be consistent but I don’t know how I am going to do it, I am still looking for any job that can help learn while working or as a part time remote job, so that I can be able to fulfill my dreams as a software engineer.
Pls your advice will be appreciated.

My advice would be, find your output (be 100DaysOfCode, applying to x jobs each day/week, finish this project in x days, etc)
And stick to it.
your outcome is subjected to external things (like if you have actually getting a job as outcome), but you have the total control of your output, and focus on that.

If you have a local environmental to develop in you don’t always need the Internet, letting you be able to do more with just a pc, if you can’t always be connected.


Thanks for the active, I appreciate.

No one has infinite time.

Everyone has to find what they can cut. I don’t know about your situation or country of origin, but unless you are working 80 hours a week, you can find some time. Like leah said, download the FCC repository to be able to work offline. Cut out TV, social media, hanging out, whatever isn’t work, eat, sleep, or studying. If these sacrifices seem too much, ask yourself every day: “How much will it hurt in ten years if I don’t work on my dream today?”


Thanks for your contribution. I love it.

I also need to add
“I couldn’t wait for motivation, so I started without it”

You will often not have motivation to do something you have committed to doing - normal, expected, do it anyway, develop your discipline.

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I had to start it anyway, thought about it and knowing that it is going to be a good start for me this year.
I had to sacrifice a lot of things, most of it is my time.
Better than procrastinating and always waiting for everything to balance.
Thanks guys, you are awesome.

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Motivation is challenging to find within ourselves. When faced with investing hours studying versus pizza and bingewatching Lucifer, I will almost always be lazy. Unless…

Have a social net that holds you accountable. Get a group of three or four people that you check in with regularly, report your progress and your goals, let them challenge you when you find yourself slacking.

I do yoga, I enjoy yoga, but if it weren’t for my buddy YogaHobbit, I would have had MANY days of laying around instead of getting out and doing what I knew I wanted and was good for me. Having people to share your triumphs and to push you through is, to my mind, one of the strongest tools in your developer’s toolbox.


Good day @sammychris,

I understand your concern.

How to find motivation?


Against your expectations, I would ask you the question how do you find discipline?

I remember starting freeCodeCamp in its early days and had very little money while being a computer science student. The little money I had was enough to buy cellular connectivity and do less activities. The money wasn’t enough for a complainer but enough for someone looking further than the present moment.

What did I do with my money?

I invested in physical books and access to internet.
Well, that sounded like throwing money through the window but it wasn’t.
The books I invested in contributed to the man I am today and the access to internet helped me to get a job two months after banging my head on freeCodeCamp projects.
I left freeCodeCamp for 2 years but soon realized that there is a greater cause that I want to contribute to.

What is the greater cause?

I remember when starting on freeCodeCamp, the mission statement was to help non profit organizations.

Did I hear it right?

Yes, I did,

Coming back to complete the curriculum this year with the sole purpose to contribute to freeCodeCamp non profit projects has been my ever since motivation.

Should motivation lack, remember that the ultimate mission statement of freeCodeCamp is:
to help non-profit organizations

Above the mission statement, what have they done?

  • They have created an environment to up skill ordinary people
  • They have created an environment to facilitate people to exchange opportunities
  • They have created an environment to help people hold themselves accountable
  • They have created an environment so transparent that each struggle has a solution
  • They have created an environment to make us better people

Should you desire to be part of this community and find motivation, keep asking yourself the question daily: Am I disciplined?

Remember this: Discipline will bring you far than motivation will

Imagine it this way:
When you wanna run today and find motivation to do so, you’ll need another motivation tomorrow.
As for discipline, if you discipline yourself to run today and it becomes part of your habits, you’ll keep on doing it even when there is no external motivation.


@sammychris It might be a good idea to do some FCC coding every day, early in the morning.

Getting up half an hour earlier than usual, study for half an hour and then do whatever you do every day.
That’ll help you to be consistent without spending a lot of time and expensive data. And it gives you time to rest after work and to do things you enjoy in your free time which is equally important to be successful in life.

The early hours are usually the most productive ones during the day. Your mind is still fresh and clear. A good night’s sleep and many dreams helped to put the input from yesterday in the right parts of the brain. When you wake up your brain is ready to start processing new information.

You could use that moment to make the FCC lessons the first input of every day. That’s more effective than to study for two hours when you’re tired at the end of the day.

Don’t give up. Just keep going, one step at the time. You’ll get there in the end.


Thanks for the awesome advice. The country where I am from has poor power supply, which is not consistent.
But I will try to get a good battery for my laptop and also do my best to keep it going, no matter what it takes.
I am now determined to do this, irrespective of the limitations.
Anyway thanks for the great advice I love it.

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@sammychris, good to hear my advise is useful to you. Go for it! Make your dreams come true!

And I don’t know how much sunshine your country gets, but investing in a power bank on solar power to recharge your laptop might be a good idea.

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That is a great idea. Thanks you’re great.

Hi guys, @geek4ctrl, @snowmonkey, @Joke, @ilenia and @vipatron I just want to say thanks for all your advice when I needed it most.

I have been able to finally completed my fcc curricullum and all projects,
and also built my portfolio: https://sammychris.github.io/ .

Thanks for your help, I’m so grateful.

Here is my cert:


Well done Samuel!


Great example for others on this forum.

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Thanks once again, I really appreciate .