I really need motivation

hello campers . free code camp is a life changing school i must admit. i started my journey to become a self taught developer. well the problem is i got sick and stopped working on my portfolio project for a while . now it’s been a week since i felt better ,but i can’t really get back to it ,knowing that i love coding a lot .any motivation is greatly appreciated thank you.

hey @sineutro

Every day is a new day. So, forget what happened in the past and enjoy your present. Think about what will make you happy now at this moment? Will building something brighten this moment of yours? Do that.

Be happy always. :slight_smile:

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I have been there too man, its a common thing to get unmotivated but don’t give up!!!.

when i get tired i stop a little and go watch youtube tutorials like DevTips https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyIe-61Y8C4_o-zZCtO4ETQ .
they are easy and fun to watch and you can learn a lot of things while having fun.

It’s funny too how when i finish a whole tutorial on youtube i feel very good and confident because of all the new things i learn and i run to put them in practice making me productive.

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thank you friend it was helpful

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thanks ill try to do this for sure

Try just making a folder on the desktop with 3 empty files (index.html, style.css and script.js) practice how to create the entire HTML file, learn how to link to CDNs like bootstrap in the header, learn how to link the .css and .js files and create a test project just for fun. Several ideas
Re-create your tribute page
Make a lookalike copy of a popular site like google’s main page
Tweak the CSS file and watch the changes when refreshing.
Recreate the cat photo app
Add multiple pages and a bootstrap nav bar

I’m saving the portfolio page for the last thing I do in front-end so I have some of the other projects to put on it.

If you’re constantly looking for motivation to keep pursuing a lofty goal, in this case a career as a developer, you’ll have a hard time succeeding. This is because you’ll have to rely on external forces like big early successes or other people or things to keep you on track.

When you have a strong drive you’re always pursuing your goal despite external factors. The moment you get derailed, you’re figuring ways to get back on your horse at a subconscious level. Heck, the moment you wake up everyday, there has to be urge to build something.

Hi sineutro, I know what u feel. The important is that u know u love coding because u could feel it’s not your path and then u should quit.

What I usually do when I get stuck is go to do some sports or watch a movie. Do something different to relax. Chill out, take a walk and drink a coffee.

If u don’t know how to get back to your portfolio why don’t u erase it and start again from scratch? Sometimes I’m doing something and then I erased and start over again. I think it’s a great way to get unstuck.

Cheers! Be happy and never quit coding! Think of the end objective you’re pursuing.

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Just think about the rewards you get from it. And I’m not specifically talking about getting a job, but the rewarding experience when you struggle with something and then you manage to solve it - nothing beats that feeling for me. And when you successfully complete something, like a project, or a course, a book, anything really.

I was struggling with motivation a while ago, and just like others have given me motivation here, I will do the same if I can. You can do it! Force yourself to get back to it if you have to, it’s all a matter of getting back to it, and then you can develop the habit of studying everyday, or at least as much as you can (doesn’t have to be only FCC by the way, and I believe you should be using other resources on the side).

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