When you have the motivation

Hello my friends,
Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been on Free Code Camp. Something just happened where I lost motivation and needed to focus on my job (Digital Media Specialist in the charity sector). This hasn’t changed much recently but I decided that working where I am working nothing is going to happen unless I make it happen.

And so I set up my own website, reviewing and commenting on the niche that I love: coding! It’s been quite a struggle but things are getting up and running. Free Code Camp gave me the motivation to follow my dreams and apply myself - keep at those waypoints and you’ll get there type of mentality! The site is going well and thing are looking up. Even if it takes me a year I’ll keep at it.

That is what this platform taught me - you’re never too young to start again. (I’m 34). So if you fancy looking at the site its called codingBox.org and is all about educating parents and teachers on apps, games, and all other materials relating to coding. It’s so much fun doing something that you truly love! I would encourage you all to keep at it! I’ll be popping in again soon! Have to buy one of those stickers for my laptop. Are they still available? Quincy?

Anyway, I’ll update you all again soon. Get in touch and leave a comment. coding Rocks!