In need of motivation.. Maybe a mentor or just someone to answer question(a lot of questions lol)

Just like the title says I need some motivation and help. I was on a good pace learning HTML, CSS, and JS and felt like I was finally understanding things, then fell into a depression and couldn’t focus for a few months. The last two months I’ve been trying to get back into it but get overwhelmed so easily and can’t seem to “get it” and I’m terrible at reaching out but I’m working on that. So any kind words or if anyone is looking to be a mentor or programming buddy let me know and we can exchange info! Thank you

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I’m not sure how far you made it through your learning, but it’s common to see learners hit their first wall when they dive into JavaScript. It’s a dramatic shift from learning markup languages to learning your first scripting language.

I’ve been at this for a couple of years now, and there are still times I don’t get it. Part of being a developer means taking on a lifelong journey of learning, and that’s okay! You have an entire community here of wonderful folks who will support you and help you get through the “brick wall” moments.

You got this! Happy Coding!


Hang in there! The journey really is tough a lot of the time, and there truly is so much to learn and put together. If you’ve taken a break for awhile, it’s super common to feel some lag getting back into coding. It even happens to professionals. In this field it is almost imperative that you stay immersed in the programming world and incorporate even a small bit of it into your day. Like learning a spoken language, if you’re not immersed in it, you’ll likely start to develop some holes in your understanding and things will fade.

I wouldn’t entirely recommend coding everyday like most people would (even though it is tremendously beneficial if you can sneak even a single coding challenge into each day) especially if you’re battling depression – it’s just not always feasible. One thing that helped me a lot, as someone who faced some serious Pandemic depression, was to start listening to some web dev podcasts (highly recommend Javascript Jabber and JS Party) and also subscribe to a bunch of programming-related subreddits.

That way, even if I didn’t have the strength to code, I still felt like I was “part of” the community and was still surrounding myself with new concepts and current tech.

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Hi @kilo,
I’m looking for a programming buddy, send me a DM :slight_smile:

Cheers and happy coding :slight_smile:

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