I'm losing motivation

Hello FreeCodeCamp community, I really need an advice or practical thing to do here, my problem is I started learning coding months ago, I finished html and css and done so many projects on them, after that I started learning Javascript and now I really don’t feel like doing anything I don’t feel motivated to continue coding and I really wanna continue but I can’t figure out what’s the problem, how can I gain my motivation to code back because it is stressful that wanting to do something but can’t doing it, thank you.

Being able to self-motivate is a larger problem. For most people this is a common problem. Sometimes you don’t do them because they’re fun in the present, but because they will be beneficial in the long run.

how can I gain my motivation to code back because it is stressful that wanting to do something but can’t doing it

Well that sounds like a different problem. To me that sounds like being frustrated with not being as good as you want to be and/or that that path is more difficult than you expected. I don’t know what to say - most things worth doing take a lot of work. That’s what makes them worth doing - they’re difficult so not everyone does them. Coding is hard - that is a good thing - it means good wages and job security once you get your foot in the door.

That all being said, I remember that I burned out a little somewhere in the JS section. I had to take a few weeks off to recharge my battery.

I might suggest taking a little time off and recharge your batteries. During that time you can think about why you want to learn coding. Is your goal worth the time and energy investment? That’s something everyone has to decide for themselves.


Thank you Kevin, I will try taking a week or two off

It is also possible that you have an emotional burnout. I advise you to take your learning slower and to take time. Rest. Relax.

I remember I didn’t want to code for about a month. Moreover, I felt disgusted. It was terrible. Clearing my head helped me. I read books, watched TV shows, spent time with friends. With time my wish to code returned.

Take a break. We are all people. Do not rush.


Thank you so much !!

Hey, don’t worry about that, it’s absolutely ok to lose motivation from time to time. The thing is not to give up and make small steps to your goals every day. Decide on what you have and what you want to achieve, define some motivational methods that work for you (eg. books, movies, successful people and so on) and use it. You can even find music that motivates you to act. And just start. It’s difficult, but really important. There’s a 5-minutes method for example, which means that you give yourself 5 minutes to work on the task, and in case you wouldn’t like to continue working on it, you can stop. But usually you just dive into the process. There’re tons of methods, just try some to understand what fits you. Good luck!

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