Losing motivation because of coding problems

Hello guys, I’m literally new to this forum, found it few weeks ago
I started with web dev few years ago but I stopped coding due to gaming addiction.
Now I am back, I bought course on udemy to remind myself all stuff, but I stopped with it because of hard parts which is not easy to understand, Im getting pissed off when my code is not working and because of that I am losing motivation to keep going. I know its best way to learn, but idk I just abandon that project and go outside to drink coffee with friends and not think about it.
And guess what? I never open that project in VS again :grin:

How to get motivated and stop doing this?
Btw. I feel sometimes that PHP is not lang what I really want to learn, I chose it only because I was doing some stupid things in past (blackhat) and I like to work with web security,

you will have to accept that working as a programmer means getting payed to be frustrated, so what you are experiencing is part of the package. If you can accept it, you can go forward.

Try to keep an habit of working everyday, give yourself a time limit after which you will ask for help, and try to bring your projects to a milestone (everything present works, even if there are not all features you would want) before moving to something else.


Hey @OutWorld!

Welcome to the forum!

We all understand what it is like to be frustrated when things aren’t working.

Getting stuck provides a new opportunity to experiment more, research more and ask more questions.

It is fine to take a small break from the project and come back to it a few hours later with a clear head and a new approach.

Working as a programmer means getting paid to be frustrated.

You are right, @ilenia! That’s a wonderful way to explain the emotional side of our trade. Thanks.