Many days that I feel like stopping

I’m feeling rather sick and tired of programming, I’ve been at this much longer (way before starting FCC) , on/off, and switching directions etc C++ to web dev and back … Years at least. But I’m still stuck as a beginner.
I’m HATING it. I don’t want to quit, I’m not a quitter anyway , plus I wouldn’t have many other options, but I’m absolutely despising it atm. Then , I also remember when it goes well , how good that feels, it’s just getting stuck REPEATEDLY that annoys me to no end atm.
Thanks for letting me vent :slight_smile:

Why is that and why do you think you aren’t progressing past that point?

I have good and bad news.

The good news is almost everyone gets stuck on problems all the time. If your sitting there writing perfect code with no problems, you are probably not learning anything, or are oblivious, or are doing nothing of importance.
The bad news is basically the same, you are going to get stuck, feel hopeless and get annoyed at every little dumb bug that pops up. This will never change. You might get better at not falling into some problems, only to stumble into more. The main thing is over time you gain the experience on being able to fix the problems you ran into before. As I say, fail 500 times, and learn 500 new things.

Programming is programming, regardless of language, tech-stack, and use-case, its a challenge. Things don’t magically become simpler, or easier, its always hard work. However, the more you do it the better you become. The more issues you face and overcome the more experience you gain for the next time. You shouldn’t run from problems, but run into them full force with the goal of learning how to beat it, and become better from it.

I usually say programming is hard, but anyone can do it as long as they have three things, time, grit and an internet connection. Time to learn the content, grit to stick with it when you start getting stuck and an internet connection to leverage all the vast knowledge out there.

I hope you do stick with it. You don’t have to find joy in “getting stuck”, but I do believe seeing it as more of an opportunity then a setback as a key part of going from a “I can’t do this” attitude to a “I am doing this” one.

Good luck!


Thank you for your kind well-thought out reply :slight_smile: I know I learn everytime I get stuck and have to solve another problem, but it still gets super annoying.
How not to feel so frustrated with it? I also doubt my intellect at times , which doesn’t help.

Well said bradtaniguchi! That actually makes me feel better too. But I know that feeling torentrap. I have the same issue with programming, sometimes it seems I am not progressing either.