I feel so overwhelmed and hopeless at times

Hi all, I just need to vent :slight_smile:
I know we all here feel this from time to time , but damn , there are sooo many times that I say to myself that I’m ready to call it quits and drop programming for good!
It’s just a bottomless pit it seems like at times of more things to need to learn , and I just feel I can’t go at a fast enough pace and make any decent progress.
I still feel like a beginner and it just seems so hopeless and never ending :frowning:
On top of that I feel I’m not smart enough to apply what I’ve read to coming up with solutions etc. And then off course I get stuck at almost every exercise/problem I’m trying to code :frowning_face:

I’m reading 6 books right now simultaneous , all web development books.
Then off course I need to follow tutorials and practice exercises .
Just ugh , enough already!

I’ve been studying programming on and off for years and changed direction more than once (c++ to web dev , to c++ and back to web dev)
so that isn’t helping , but still , it just never ends.

Thanks for letting me vent.


The elephant method:



Quitting is not an option dude ! You should make sure to apply the things you’ve learned in real projects. Projects not only makes learning interesting but when you finish one project successfully , you get to know a ton of things and get a confidence boost. Just make sure to apply what you’ve learned . Quitting attitude is not a good thing. Develop the attitude of Never Giving Up.


maybe reading the answers to this other topics will help you a bit:

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I’m unable to quit though , I may think it , but I would never be able to actually do it . Which is more stressful actually because when I feel totally overwhelmed there is no way out! :stuck_out_tongue: & it’s dudette :slight_smile:

Took a two month break from codecamp. Had to figure out how to get water in my cabin. Hard, really hard.
But guess what, I did it, and now have pure running well water. Moral of this is, never give up, take a break, try different ways of figuring it out. Coding is interesting, it’s exciting. Challenging sure, but think of the results, how great it is when you do “get it”. Remember even Einstein, was troubled by quantum theory. Everyone has trouble with anything new, they have never done before, everyone.


Thanks for the replies guys, I will go on, I never quit, just whine from time to time :grin:
I know web dev is mostly still new to me. I studied C++ for a few years and somehow that seems much easier (from what I remember) then Javascript/React etc. Javascript just seems so non-intuitive.

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@torentrap (@ieahleen I meant to reply to OP)

I burned through Responsive Web Design. Lowered my head and pushed through it. Got to the last 5 problems and saw that they were all projects. I spent several days writing the 1st one from scratch. Learned a ton. Second and third i took my time and got really creative. Had a lot of fun. Decided to take my time because THAT is where it began to make sense for me. Google EVERYTHING. Have fun Ideas that sidetrack you for a week and you dont end up using them (I made a fieldset with 2 legends. the 2nd one was on the bottom right and worked as a submit button!). Then I decided to move on with JS => Return scaryMusic[youwillneverfigureitout],self-loathing; Then I go back to my webdesign and just have fun again. How you feel is how most of us feel i think. I expect those feelings. They indicated growth. Keep going. I literally typed out a web page in a few minutes this week and emailed it to my coworker instead of sending the image as an email attachment this week. this after 2 weeks of JS kicking my behind.

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For me, I started to really get HTML and CSS once I started doing the projects. I had a okay grasp of them, and I am still learning more about them even now, but like the other post stated practice makes perfect (or at least good enough, lol) I also would suggest the other post that is mentioned above. I agree with them take your time learn at your own pace, if you are doing extra, like reading books that you normally wouldn’t do otherwise, you will burn out fast. This is a introductory course and the languages change constantly, so you don’t have to rush it.

    Some Miscellaneous Stuff I Would Like To Say
  • I know this is just a vent, but sometime we need a good encouragement to keep going anyways
  • I know I'm late to the party, but I don't care about being late, I might be the final push for the subject
  • Finally, to me "Dude" is unisex, so 'you're a dude I'm a dude, were all just dudes' (song lyric)
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Thanks all :slight_smile: I think I started to stress out when I started the React course here. When I feel I barely understand JS, Jquery & all the rest so far :stuck_out_tongue:
But if I move slower I worry I’m too slow/taking too long , that that will be working against me. Oh well, I just keep on going, as fast as I can but not at “burn-out” rate .

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you can do it!just keep going and you will reach your goal!

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Wow, the end of that sheet gets pretty real. I had never thought of daily actions as maintenance vs. actions but it really put the things I do into perspective. I just added slots on my calendar for when I would set aside time to practice.

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I have been programming for over 20 years. The thing you have to accept is that this profession is a constant learning curve.
No one knows it all !
You must apply what you are learning for it to sink in and even then you will still forget things . Its only when you have created something, no matter if its a big or small project, that get more inspiration. Everyone has to start from the beginning.


Glad I’m not alone. Taking a pause- sometimes long- helped me too. And it also helps to be surrounded by people who motivate you. This community helps.

I think it does not matter how fast or slow you are. I admit I am slow but we shouldn’t compare and it helps to relieve the pressure. We all have our own pace. And always take a break. Good luck to the both of us. :slight_smile:

I took this free Coursera class, Learning How to Learn

It was filled with fantastic strategies that you can apply to learning anything.

One of my favorite strategies is to learn slower with breaks, even naps. Your brain needs time to build strong neural connections and pathways.

When you are overwhelmed with information and study for hours. You create weak neural connections and pathways. That time is wasted, nothing was absorbed.

As you continue to learn, you actually get faster. Since your brain is making stronger neural connections.

This is just one of the many tips that they offer. For me, it has been really helpful.


I second the recommendation for Learning How to Learn! It’s a wonderful course. The same goes for another course by the same instructor, Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential .

Just got the books, some call the bible of java script. The definitive guide to java script 5th and 6th edition. Wow that reduce method and others clearer now. So much info on java script but these books the best I have found so far. You can download and read them for only $3.54 cents. That always helps. 6th edition helped more.