I want to quit but I can't :(

I’m at a point where I want to quit (stuck with the last project for the front end libraries module).

But I’ve come so far and it’s tearing me up , I feel absolutely gutted/devastated .
I’m not even going in to how much work developing my app was , that I did before FCC.
I wish I could quit, but it will just keep gnawing at me :frowning: I can’t but I want to , what do I do ?

I hate starting yet another topic , but I can’t move on/quit.

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if you are stuck, why don’t you try to apply the Read-Search-Ask method?

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“when you feel like quitting remember why you started”, it is normal to get stuck at some points, and you are not the first, those who succeed decide to keep going instead of quitting, it is up to you!

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I did try , but it didn’t help. I’m unsure what to do at this point.
I’m still trying to do the project, but it’s a mess. I was advised to read more tutorials ,which I have done to death,I don’t think that will help.
I asked that thread to be closed, I can’t open another yet again.

It is probably hopeless and I have to accept that , it’s a process.
i’m sure there are more in the same boat at least .

It would have been more productive if you posted your latest code and asked for help with it, instead of just closing the thread. We can reopen it if you want?

Coding is hard, learning it is hard, life is hard. Here is a cheesy quote for you.

“Nobody’s perfect. We all fall down. What matters most is how quickly we get back up, learn from our mistakes, and move on!”

So you didn’t finish the project (yet!), so what? Did you learn anything? Did you get better? If so, nothing was wasted. Not your time, nor your efforts.

My advice, which you got already in your other thread. Put this project aside for now and come back to it later. Just keep coding and learning. Don’t put so much energy into finishing challenge projects just for the sake of finishing them. Focus on the overall goal of getting better at what you are learning.


Thanks Lass! I know, I may seem to be rushing, that’s because I am. I’ve been at this way too long as it is. It’s hard not to compare to those who claim to finish FCC in 7months, fullstack, while working full time.

I think the thing to remember is that everyone works at their own speed. There are some people that get dev jobs after 4 months and there are some that get jobs at FAANG companies after 7 months.

There will always be those uncommon situations but it happens. There are those that get a job after two years, three years or longer. It is just different for everyone. And at the end of the day when you are successful as a developer no one is going to ask you how long it took to finish this project. All they are going to see is a success.

Not once have I asked my doctor what classes they struggled with in college, or were there times they felt they didn’t measure up to their classmates. I just ask them to help make me feel better because I am sick. :grinning:

Try to think big picture.

Hope that helps!


Never, and I mean never compare yourself to other developers (it’s hard I know). Focus on you, look at where you are and where you want to be in say 5 months from now.

Look I’m not going to lie, it’s going to be hard, so buckle up and get coding/learning.


Developers are made when the server is on fire, the code doesn’t work, there are bugs everywhere, the code is spaghetti, the clock is winding down, the sun has set, and they keep working.

A developer keeps going not because its happy happy fun time, no rather its a horrible nightmare where your “in too deep” and are questioning if you made the right decision to get into the field in the first place.

If your at that point, then you can’t quit because you already “there”. What I mean by that is your doing development and it sucks. There wont be a time when you can do 100% of your work no problem and be totally fine with 0 help and 0 problems. If you find yourself in such a “perfect world” you either stopped growing or are secretly doing the wrong thing and you haven’t noticed yet.

So you might be actually questioning everything, and everyone and considering your not “up to this”. (IE falling to impostor syndrome) Such is common, such is the field.

The boat your in is development. Your not doing something wrong in terms of overall approach to what your doing, yes there are bugs, but there are always bugs. So in terms of if your “cut out for this”, you technically are because your doing development, and development is hard.

Specifically for your front-end library project if you feel your “in too deep” and are struggling to much with what your building, take a pause, and take note of what topics your struggling with. Identify them and go out and learn/focus on those problems. Don’t try to take everything and solve everything at once, because its becomes to much. If your unable to identify what is getting you stuck you’ll have a heck of a time getting “unstuck”.

If anything, just go back a few challenges/lessons to review if you have to. You might realize a few things here and there for what your doing wrong/missing out on. You might just stumble upon knowledge that will help you. Even if it doesn’t you get to review stuff you already should know.

Just watch out for “tutorial hell”. Tutorials will walk you through perfect scenarios from A to B. It wont teach you how to identify what is going on when something is wrong, or how to fix it. That is development, and that can only be found by building stuff and having it blow up in your face.

Try 500 times, fail 500 times, and learn 500 new things. Yea it sucks to slam against the wall so many times, but once you break through and finally get things going, you not only learned the “right” way, but also all the wrong ways that you can take with you for the future.

Experience is built on failure as much it is success. Building it isn’t exactly fun, but it is necessary.

So yes, your doing development, and struggling, which is to be expected. Yea it sucks, but you’ve already gotten to this point, and you will get through it given enough time and grit. The only way you “lose” is you give up, but I know your better than that. You will “win”, and when you do it will be very very sweet. Then you’ll move onto the next thing and it will blow up in your face, and the process will continue.

Keep building, keep learning, keep struggling, keep overcoming. You already got this far, why stop now?


Thanks for the encouragement . In Dutch there’s a saying ‘de laatste loodjes wegen het zwaarste’ , meaning, ‘the end weights weigh the most’ basically :stuck_out_tongue: not that I’m ever at the end, but at least the end of this FCC module , in time , hopefully :slight_smile:


Just continue to move on and fight against any imposter syndrome

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What makes us quit is a loss of motivation. What will it mean to you to get to the finish line? if it will mean nothing at all, just go watch cat videos or something that you find more meaningful.


I personally felt completely destroyed by the 25 + 5 clock project. The tutorials and guides I found online were unbelievably unhelpful and obtuse to me as a beginner and it felt like I was juggling far too much that I didn’t understand.

Read-search-ask is all well and good, but when the majority of material written for a topic assumes a level of familiarity that, frankly, FCC just doesn’t bring you up to by the time you reach that project it’s, well, pretty frustrating and demoralizing.

I managed to finish the clock, but I’ve taken nearly two weeks off from what was otherwise 2-3 months of spending a solid chunk of really enjoyable time coding. I don’t have the motivation to continue. The 25 + 5 clock was all of my fears about getting into coding encapsulated into one project and seeing people go “keep trying, coders deal with stuff like this all the time” just makes it worse. The project and the lack of support around it just sucks.


Hey @dialectrical!

I can relate to you about taking time off because things just got to hard.

I started CS50 a few months ago and really struggled with week 4. I spent weeks researching, asking questions, reading through more documentation but I just wasn’t getting it. So I took about a month off from CS50 and just worked through the FCC curriculum instead.

But I was still apart of the Facebook group and literally every single day someone would post their certificate from CS50 and it felt like they were taunting me.

But I decided to jump back in and start again with week 4 and I was able to complete it and keep going.

I think that most adult learners have these fears of being able to actually do this because in a previous life before code they were doing something else.

For me, I always identified as a musician and nothing else. I never programmed in high school, never took a cs class in college. I was just constantly practicing and performing and loved every second of it.

But now, software intrigues and I enjoy learning it. There are definitely times where those fears come up but I just tell myself it’s ok it is just going to take a little bit longer for it to click.

So I hope you keep going on your coding journey.


I’ve had a lot of challenges and if i cant do it i go to the ‘ask for help button’ It helps a lot.

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Thanks for the replies everyone. I definitely can relate to those fears/anxieties , every day is a struggle to keep going. But then again, standing still is worse, so I just take it a baby step at a time atm. Another worry is off course how long I’m taking to finish FCC. It’s been since september last year , and only now I’m at the last project of the third module. That’s not while working as well! :frowning:

My advice. Do not get stuck on the projects. I have seen a few people implode on some of the projects and it’s just not worth it.

Keep moving forward, don’t get stuck. Keep building stuff and learning new things. You can always revisit the projects at a later date. In my opinion, the certificates are not that important anyway. They are there to give you something for your hard work, a congratulatory handshake you might say.

The knowledge gained and what you later will use it for is the important part.

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I understand and agree, but it bothers me when I don’t finish something. I have to finish it at all costs.

Have you worked on, or learned about, anything new as well, or are you just stuck on this project?

Do something else, learn something new. Come back to it with fresh eyes.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t try to finish it, I’m saying do not get stuck forever on it. You have so many other things you can learn about and build. Fun things, interesting things.

Don’t make this project a sword to fall on. I have seen it happen and it doesn’t make any sense. It is just a learning project.

You also have the freedom to fail…yes fail! It happens, so what? In a classical learning environment, you would have some time limit on this project and even if you didn’t complete the project you would still get some grade for the effort. What you wouldn’t have is forever to just hit your head against some wall and not move past it. So one option is to set a time limit and pass or fail. Reflect on what you have learned and move on. At some point, you might try again just to see if you have learned something new that might help you.

TLDR; do not get stuck on this forever and do not think that failing this means you have failed the overall goal.

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Thank you for your lengthy replies , everyone lasjorg, jwilkins , dia .
It really means a lot to me :slight_smile: I have to accept that I can’t finish everything or won’t understand anytime soon why it failed.
I will stop working on the projects now and go back to tutorials & other coding.