I'm Tired and my mind keeps telling me that i should probably give up

I have started coding last year, i learned the basics of HTML and CSS . I did the first project(The Tribute Page). After that i stopped for a long time because my laptop got damaged and i couldn’t affort buying a new one back then. 3 Months ago i got my new laptop. I started revising the basics and doing the challenges again. Last month i started the Survey Form project but i stopped several times because i just don’t know how to fix some stuff in the way i want them to be. i start and i stop for a while again. Now i’m just siiiiiiick of it. I’m not seeing any progress and myself keeps telling me that this whole programming thing is not my thing. I left collegue lately cause i made a decision of wanting to be a Software and to Know everything about AI, Machine Learning and technologie in general.
Now i just don’t know what to do …
I’m tired, depressed, loser…


Try to forget what all you have done in the past. Today is your new day . If you are good at html css then go with bootstrap and jquery . Try to upload your project on github. In the mid time learn javascript .


Meryem, I really wish I could fast-scroll to you some of my journey. Becoming as a developer is hard, and doing this on your own especially so. You are a brave person to even start this! I know it’s sometimes really difficult to see how far you’ve gone. That’s because a programming journey never ends. I’ve been doing it longer than I dare to say on this forum and trust me, I still learn, and I still have days when frustration goes to the sky-high level, and I’m cursing because just I can’t work out how to make something work. It is just part of what being a developer is.

On the good side, there are days when you step back for a moment, and you realise that you actually have progressed a lot, that you have learned a lot, that you can do all these amazing things you couldn’t do before. It just doesn’t always feel that way because there is always more, more, more to come.

I would recommend you start having some sort of journal, whatever form you want it to take (electronic blog, or paper notebook) - document things that you find challenging and difficult and you get stuck, and then at some point, I’m sure, you’ll get over them. In the future, when you’re having a bad day, just read through some of the old entries, and I guarantee that you will find many that will seem trivial, and you’ll think, “how could I ever struggle with this?” - but this is exactly how you see your progress. You will see more clearly that you are, in fact, moving, that you are learning.

Stick to it, don’t give up. I promise you there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Try to find friendly people for moments when you feel particularly stuck, even on this forum - it’s always easier this way.
Fingers crossed for you!


Thank you so much :heart:

I have never seen it that way. You are probably right , so yeah i’ll start doing it that way.
you can’t imagine how much your comment made me realise so many things.
Thank you Ethan :blush:

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HTML and CSS is not really programming and mastering it will not bring you closer to being good at AI and machine learning. Honestly, maybe adjusting the positioning of a bunch of elements on a page is just not your thing?

Have you considered skipping the front end projects/web design certification and trying to learn javascript? Maybe writing functions and banging your head against the wall when your variables are undefined for some mysterious reason will be your cup of tea. Or maybe try learning some other language, like python? IT has some nice tools for ML :wink:

Do not give up, try different things. BUT. No matter what you do, while working/learning in this field you’ll get frustrated on a regular basis. You better learn how to deal with it, learn to deal with being “down”, learn to power through the challenges the life/work throws at you and take them in stride. It can be a very rewarding and fulfilling career if you adjust your attitude and manage your expectations. Good luck.


I will try soon. Thank you so much :blush::pray:

@Anon551122 I took your advice and worked on My Survey Form jsut with my knowledge that i have.
Here is it. I would really appreciate it if you took some of your time and checked it.
It’s very simple.
Once agian, Thank you for your advice :blush:


Good start! :slight_smile: Here are my suggestions:

  • Hmm… How about another font?
    • paste this into Pen Settings --> HTML --> Stuff for head: <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans" />
    • in the css, put this on the body tag style group: font-family: "Open Sans", sans-serif;
  • In the html, you have a </optgroup> but you never opened the tag, so it’s considered invalid HTML.
  • On the button, two things actually:
    • Maybe remove the default border from it: border: none;
    • to make it animate when you hover, you can add transition: background-color .3s;
  • In the textarea, by default there’s a tab entered in. To fix just put all the textarea markup on one line, like this: <textarea cols="40" rows="4" id="comments" name="comment" placeholder="write your comment.."></textarea>
  • on the select boxes, you can set the default background to white: background-color: white;
  • on the inputs, textarea, and select boxes you can add a border-radius: border-radius: 7px;
  • you added padding to the inputs, how about add it to the textarea too?
  • for responsiveness, go back to Pen Settings --> HTML --> Stuff for head and paste this in: <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, viewport-fit=cover" />
  • good job! :smiley:

Tip: On CodePen, if you ever want to beautify / format your code in HTML, CSS, or JS just click on that dropdown and click “Tidy CSS / whatever language”:

Also, there’s analyze to check for errors.


I definitely feel identified with your situation. I just “restarted” my progress in free code camp for almost the same reason as you (i’m making the tribute page project right now). As the others, I think that maybe the front-end is not your thing. Maybe (like me) you are more back-end oriented. Indeed, I “hate” to use html and css but i’m learning and using them just a step at the time trying to not get frustrated (and it works). Maybe it’s a good idea strat to using javascript (i suggest to you using Node.JS) to make personal (and just for fun) projects. You don’t have to follow the free code camp path, make your own funny path! There is not an absolute path to follow in the developers world.

I’m open to new “just for fun projects” and also trying to design some others (right now i’m very excited about game design). If you have an idea or want to some you can send me a message and we can work together :smiley: being part of a group makes learning more easy.

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@Meryem_Jow You are not a loser for having difficulty with HTML and CSS. I think that you should think hard about what you like to do the most career wise and do that. After trying out development, some people like it and some do not.

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I agree with NickEU, that learning html and css really isn’t all that relevant if what really interests you is AI and ML. I for one am not super crazy about html and css; working with pure css especially drives me insane (but don’t get me wrong, I have a hella respect for the css wizards out there who build amazing projects like Bootstrap, Bulma…etc and I absolutely LOVE React and Angular; but wrestling with pure css? Nope.)

However, just to stay well-rounded, it’s still important that you know the basics imo. If you got the basics down and just don’t feel that passionate about them, that’s okay, move on to something else, like learning JS and/or python.

It’s also possible that coding really isn’t for you, but there’re still so many other things you haven’t tried and explored, so I’d say it’s too early to tell :slightly_smiling_face: Give yourself more time, explore, and try to keep at it everyday.

Good luck to you :sparkles:

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I think you just need to stop and change direction. I think you should try out a few backend languages or learn JavaScript. There is an app called sololearn that I used which breaks everything into small digestible chunks. I use it for C# because it explains complex ideas very simply.

Or maybe you just need a break. If you have been working intensely maybe do something else for a while, I quite often stop coding to watch netflix, do a cross stitch or build gundam kits.

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I appreciate giving me some of your time.
and thank you for making me pay attention to some stuff i ignored. Thank you so much and sure i will be working on them :blush:

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I see you haven’t done them all yet, ask me if you need any hints :slight_smile:
To get the font to display correctly, did you:

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BTW, CodePen only expects you to put the body stuff in the HTML, it expects head stuff in that other box.

Not a big deal though.

There is no reason at all to become your own worst enemy! When I say I been doing this off and on for five years, believe me! Check my codecademy profile and do the math, same username BTW. It’s a constant learning journey, nothing is promised, I have been self learning all these years and it has not landed me one job, but I also realized my downfall was focusing on learning versus actually building pages and having projects. I aspire to be a software engineer and write desktop applications and web pages easily. I enrolled in college this year to start my Computer Science degree that I didn’t finish 10yrs ago! I’m 33! I’ve been working dead end jobs for lame pay and have not stayed at one of them for more than a years time. Have I given up? No, the master has failed more times than the apprentice has attempted. You got this, you have youth and one of the best communities online backing you up. FCC is why I started to take coding seriously and finish projects on other websites and actually apply for internships and jobs, haven’t landed one :point_up: but by the time I up my skills and portfolio. Plus do an awesome github streak I know companies will be beating down my door to give me a job. Believe in yourself!


@Steffan153 I already did exactly what you said but i don’t know why it still doesn’t work.
Thank you so much for your efforts :blush:

Your story touched me soo deeply.
Thank you and Good Luck ^^

You’re welcome. You have to be in love with the craft of coding, it has to be fun or you will have a hard time finding a job doing it if you dislike it before you even have a chance to start. I love to code, wish I had the internet at home to study more. Take advantage of all study time and remember ABC (AlwaysBeCoding)!

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