Just feeling...is it worth this?

Hey guys. I need a little help or boost or something. I’m so tired of coding. While learning JS, I start falling asleep, and my CSS skills seem useless in the real world.

What do I do? I have to continue as it is my mother and boyfriend’s wish I do. But can I? How do I know if I should continue?

I can write books and have been praised so much, that I got excited and literally knocked the air out of lungs (not joking). But that’s not gonna pay the bills. I feel I need to code. What is wrong with me? What do I do?


Hold up, this is the wrong reason to pursue any field, really.

Is programming something you enjoy? Is it something you want to do? If not, doing it for the sake of someone else’s preference is not going to lead to satisfaction in your career.


I loved it in the beginning. I loved CSS and was so proud of myself and my projects as I worked. But when I went into JS, React and Redux, I just felt despair. I slowed down and sometimes even stopped, but whenever I continue, I just want to sleep and never wake up.

My mom wants me to continue because she is pretty sure that I just have a mental block as I do with math and Latin, and that I need to just try and I’ll figure it out. But it seems I learn nothing. My boyfriend is patiently teaching me for nothing, but I feel i will just disappoint him.

We all feel the same
U just have to be tough
And pass through this times and u will enjoy the finish

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I do hope so. I would like this to be mine. The pay is good and would lead to a more comfortable life.

Yeah I feel you
We all want the best
But we all forget about the pain to reach that height

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Coding is difficult. It is very rewarding and pays great, but I think you have to love it. If you don’t love it, then you shouldn’t do it.

But it depends - do you love it but are frustrated? That is a normal feeling.


I love CSS. I hate JS. But that may just be fear of it. Perhaps that’s all. I could just be afraid.

Do you hate it because you do not fully understand it yet?

When you solve an obstacle in JS, do you feel accomplished and satisfied? Or just frustrated?

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Sir pls
I am finding for the best resource where I will test my coding skills

When I solve an obstacle, I feel a sense of relief and sometimes satisfaction. And when I’m done I want to party.

I might just hate JS because I don’t understand it. You nailed that on the head I think. It’s a stress to me. And I despair when I hear how long it takes to learn it well. My boyfriend specializes in JS, and it took four years! Ouch!

If it was easy, it wouldn’t pay so well. :slight_smile:

But it sounds like this is something you would enjoy, once you get past the learning block. Remember to stay focused, but take breaks as needed. Burnout is a very real thing (and might be contributing to your current mindset).


Oh, okay. I’ll try some more. Thank you so much. I feel a bit stronger now. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Maybe you aren’t reviewing enough? Do you keep slogging through one challenge after the next and don’t look back? I did that with html/CSS until I got to the responsive design projects, then realized how much I forgot.

Once I got to Javascript, I realized I really can’t understand and learn how to code simply by doing the challenges once. I need more practice and review. Periodically, I go back and redo certain challenges from Basic Javascript, or find practice exercises from other sources to review.


Hey, I’m a writer, too (as well as out-of-work musician)!

I just want to put it out there, that you don’t have to learn JS and React. You can work in Wordpress or other content-builder applications. There is a lot of “low-code” or “no-code” stuff out there now, and yet one still must learn how to do it, train on it, put in the time. A friend of mine does Salesforce and he says an internal motto is, “Clicks not code.” My brother supervises developers and they are making an investment in “low-code” stuff as well, even making the coders learn it. This stuff is coming.

I have built several sites, including an e-commerce site and a site that takes in client info and spits out legal forms, without any coding.

If you actively dislike JS/React/etc, you might have to ask yourself why you want to get into it. Also, it would probably be hard to compete with people who do like it, as they will naturally spend more time working on it.


on the other hand, you don’t really yet know that you don’t like it or you can’t be good at it. It’s too early in the game.

Imo, FCC, is hard and most people can’t learn just using FCC. If you do want to get into web dev, it would seem to make sense to try to learn the material using as big of a variety of methods as you can think of–books, vids, other tutorial sites, Udemy, free stuff, meetups, podcasts–to see if anything sticks.

You might be mistaking a roadblock for a dislike for being on the road.

And, there is value in pushing yourself into learning coding, even if you end up not being a coder, because it is going to develop that part of your brain. You can use that in lots of fields.

Either way, good luck finding your path!

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The problem is, I never even understood the lessons. It is not taught in a way I can comprehend.

I am using “A Smarter Way to Learn Javascript” by Mark Meyers and my boyfriend to learn now.

That’s so awesome you can write and are a musician! I taught intermediate piano for a while.

Thank you for your kind words. I will keep them in mind. And you are probably right.

Hi All :grin: @codeofdreams to encourage you a little: i’m ex musician too, but more to the amateur side.
Butt i’m an ex historian, teacher, and have a “mental block” for number like you said.

Came to coding out of the blue trying to be more creative, and more profitable… of course the COVID and all around. Hard?- yes. sometimes non understandable?.. yes. But then the reward is great. whether full time job or being freelancer… keep up the pace! don’t rush… I do totally understand you, i’m in the same position, maybe even earlier than you are- i’m in the middle of my HTMl projects.

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Thank you so much! I’m glad you are all so wonderful and supportive!

And loving HTML and CSS, I can tell you, those are fun to build projects with. :grinning: I do hope you enjoy those.

yeah meanwhile I enjoying. But looking on the JS that coming at me. But I made kind of workflow for myself so try to follow by it. so far so good…

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