I am not motivated

My problem is not really a coding problem. I’m just really losing motivation to continue coding. I am doing some projects now only on HTML and CSS but it is hard to keep myself motivated when I also have school and feel burned out and out of energy. Despite this, I really enjoy coding and i would love to keep learning. In the past I already learned the basics of JS and really liked it. It made me feel like I was really doing something for my future. But now I can’t get motivation. Any tips on this would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi @joanaarede111 !

Motivation comes and goes so this a completely normal feeling.
My advice would be to focus on small wins along the way and make sure to take breaks often.

For example, you can build a small project using HTML and CSS and then take a break for a couple of days.
Then build another project, and take another break.

If you take small breaks along the way then you won’t run into burnout and you will give your body and mind time to recharge.

Hope that helps!


Thank you so much! I guess I have been focusing more on the final project and how it might not be good enough and forgetting I am still learning :sweat_smile:
I appreciate your help!

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What is your problem at the moment?

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Just really feeling like I am stuck so I don’t have any motivation

Hi @joanaarede111 . I am going through a similar problem. What I’ve been trying to do to besides what has already been mentioned (breaks are indeed important) is to try to not demand too much of myself. I thought I had to learn everything fast to get the results earlier, but this made me feel unmotivated as soon as the first setbacks arrived. So recently I decided to focus on a project a month, while trying to learn through other means as well.


Perhaps break up your learning into smaller, achievable goals. Instead of setting the goal of, I will learn JavaScript, you could set a goal of, I will learn more about for loops in JavaScript. Those small dopamine releases for achieving a goal really help motivate you to do more, but if your goals are too large, you won’t really be experiencing it very often.

It’s also okay to feel demotivated occasionally. Occupy yourself with another hobby or activity for a week or so and see how you feel after jumping back into it again.


Hey, don’t worry about that, it’s a common situation for every person and it’s absolutely ok. I’d suggest you just to set goals and divide them into small steps. Just write everything you should do in details and then complete the tasks day by day. It takes about a month to form a habit, and the most important thing is just to start the process and make small steps every day. It is also great to imagine the result you’ll achieve, to think of the profits you’ll get and the person you’ll be. Good luck!

I know how you feel! I am trying to find my motivation after a long sprint of intense studying but now that I’m working full time (non-tech) it’s hard to find the time and energy to sit down and invest the time needed. Everyone’s comment so far reminds me of a book I read called “Atomic Habits” which has been popular lately. He talks about how CONSISTENT 1% improvements over the course of time culminate into “Aha!” moments where seemingly suddenly have understanding or skill enough to get to a breakthrough moment. That’s what I am trying to focus on now. I can’t expect myself to cram the entire subject of CSS back into my head perfectly in [insert stupidly short amount of time here]

1% improvements! They add up! And don’t stress you out along the way :slight_smile:

Hope that helps and I recommend the book!

Hey! Try a challenge!!!
Such as the 100 days of coding.
Being part of something like that might light that fire that’s there but dimming :grin:

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