Burned out, I need some help and motivation

Hi Campers! My first post here and I need you help.

I think I have burned out :frowning: I have lost interest in learning to code/make websites.

When I was learning HTML and CSS I felt good and I was always looking forward to my next lesson.
Since I started JS I was loosing interest more and more with every lesson. I wasn’t struggling to complete all the tasks - I have done most of them by myself.

Now I’m thinking that programming is not for me and I want to learn manual skill.
I have got baby on it’s way so I need to decide which way I go to have a secure income to support my family - I’m 23 years old.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who came across this problem.
What have you done to motivate yourself and to keep going? I don’t want to lose all the stuff that I have learned here.

Thank you for help and have a nice day!

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So you don’t want to code and want to learn manual skills. Then just stop coding and go learnin manual skills. What is stopping you?

Career in IT is much safer than career as a manual laborer. That’s what’s stopping me. I have learned HTML, CSS and little bit of JS, Bootstrap and jQuery. I’m just struggling to push myself to continue this journey.


Hey man.

  • i think you answered your own question about deciding which way to go, “…IT is much safer…”, and we can’t tell you what you should do with your life. That’s just to subjective to more responsibility than I’m here for.
  • if you need motivation to keep going, think about your baby dude.
  • also, you should become more active on this forum, it looks like you registered less than an hour ago. I was sorta struggling when I got to the Portfolio project. I got on here and started asking questions. A supportive community can help you share and express not to mention figure out problems to code.
    Outside of that stuff I don’t think there’s much else I can offer.
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The reason why I’m not active here is because after work I have got only 2 hours to study - I just don’t have time to use this fantastic forum :frowning: I will try to spend more time on here.

Every time you go anywhere near your computer to do any sort of coding or studying, stick up a photo of your child next to the screen. Any time you feel a slight lowering of your motivation, look at that photo and remind yourself out loud why you’re doing any of this. You’re making big choices at age 23 but with a child on the way, your choices have big consequences - making sure you have good market value skills that can last will ensure a safer present and future for yourself and your child. Good luck.


Learning is very frustrating and it’s difficult to see your progress, or even the end result. I worked as a mover for a year and a half when my wife and I got married. It was tough to really find any motivation to build anything. My advice, take a step back and build a fun project. Dont just do the stuff here. imo the projects here aren’t that interesting. Everone does the same thing with lackluster quality. Build something of your own, or for someone else?

Something I did a few years ago was I built a mothers day e-card in one night using jQuery drag/drop. It was really fun. It was a cake builder, you could create HTML elements and click and drag them into this cake frame choosing which flavor layers and how many candles to add on it. It was pretty cheesy but a fun example.

I’m also working on learning HTML canvas to make a simple game, and buliding an offline checkbook system to track our spending. I guess what makes me a developer is it’s what I do. I’m always planning stuff and trying to solve problems which is what you’re going to need.

I guess my advice is to have a slice of cake. You’ve been working hard, make a small project to excite yourself.

If you wanna learn how to make a simple HTML game with canvas you can join me! I’m learning that on the side at the moment.


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I’d say keep working on the JS and related tools for a bit longer to see whether you’re just frustrated with the difficulty of learning JS or whether you really don’t like coding. If you decide on a career in web development, you’ll be coding all day, every day (well, there are meetings and things, but mostly, you’ll be coding), so be sure about whether you want a lifetime of it. But give it more of a chance first.

It sounds like you enjoyed the web design part. I imagine you could focus on that, though the jobs won’t be as plentiful and probably don’t pay as much.

There’s nothing wrong with manual labor, if you decide to go that route. Pipe fitters and fiberoptic cable installers make good money (naming two examples that don’t require special schooling, as plumbing and car repair do).



I strive to use ‘tough love’ on myself when I find myself wanting to quit. I ask myself: What’s really going on here? It’s always a battle between my ‘emotional self’ that wants instant gratification and my ‘logical self’ that wants what is best for me and my family for the rest of our lives. My logical self doesn’t win all the battles, but I’m winning the coding battle.

10 commits a day. Every day. I will become a master of JS. I will get a rewarding web dev job because I will fully understand JS and be good at my craft.

Been there, done that. Don’t listen to anyone who just tells you to learn X and Y, stick with a technology, become good at it and you will realize most concepts can be transferred from one to the other.


Thanks people for all the replies, I really appreciate it.

I’ll stick with FCC for a bit longer and I will see what’s going to happen.
To make it easier for my I think I will have a break from studying and I will try to make a fun project to make coding more interesting.



Certainly have been there. Although it was more related to building the projects where there was a deadline. For instances, when I was working on a project for a contest or for somebody I knew, it seemed like it was never going to end and that killed my motivation. Is there a magic pill to fixing this? Not really, it’s a matter of just gritting your teeth and grind out as much as you can until you get your second wind.

Though I would agree that finding a side project to practice your skills that you already have helps a lot. When I hit a sticking point on a project or challenge, I would normally walk away and come back to repl.it and played around with whatever array method or function I was learning.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

And trust me, there are two types of jobs to stay away from: Customer Service, and manual labor jobs.

They. Are. Not. Worth. It.


You might try switching to freecodecamp’s beta site. That rekindled my motivation because it doesn’t require as much to reach your first certificate. Also I think the progression is is much improved, being more gradual.

Do a side project you enjoy. That helps and keeps you learning.

I suggest doing it all or just waiting until you go out and do what you want to code. You are being restricted and told what to do, and that objective might be too easy for you, or is on a non-interesting topic.

When you get freedom of coding whatever you want, or working on a major project, your creativity opens up.

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Thanks, at the moment I’m just playing with JS to understand it more.

Hopefully my interest in coding will pick up with time :wink:

I’d do one of these:

  1. Make something fun.
  2. Learn JavaScript with games at codingame.com.
  3. Join a chingu cohort and study with motivated people who will hold you accountable.

If you think you’re about to burnout then pretty much doing any last resort to keep you in the game is well worth it. I had a bad burnout this year and in my case I needed more variety in my routine. I wrote about my experience if you’re interested.

Hey, thank you for your advice.

Nice article.

I’m actually practicing JS on codingame.com at the moment - it’s a brilliant website to learn new skills.

Hey If you want to be motivated while learning you might need a project that you want to see through.
Classes and challenges might frustrating and boring sometimes. If you want the certification then you must find the patience and courage to go through.
When working on a personal project you will learn while enjoying your own idea and project. You might face a lot of issues and then find yourself reading other people issues and solutions in this forum.
Hang in there but keep in mind being a SW developer is not always fun. as every other job you migt have to do some boring tasks, hard challenging tasks and maybe some fun one.
That is why I believe in personal projects to have fun and keep learning.

Their Beta Site?
What’s that about?
Gotta link?