One month into my coding journey

I decided about a month ago to learn to code to provide potential future career opportunities and just to learn a new skill. It was my birthday and I was feeling old.

I did a 5 day challenge on another platform with some basic HTML and CSS then discovered FCC. I’ve been trying to do a couple of hours a day since and have made it past the first certification project. It’s difficult as I’ve got a full time job and a family, but I’m trying to stay as dedicated as I can.

So far, things have gone quite well. It’s been mostly fun. The occasional difficult part has actually been fun to figure out a solution.

I’m assuming it will get much harder as I continue and thought I should probably join the forums, as I’ll inevitably be asking for some guidance at some point.

I’ve probably missed something out of this brief story, but it’s nice to be here. Just thought I should say something to introduce myself.


Hi there and welcome to the community @jeff_beynon :smiley:!
Its great that your learning a new skill and coding can be really fun :confetti_ball:!
Were so glad that you decided to join the forum!
looking forward to your future posts!


Hi there!

Good luck for your future endeavors.



Hi Jeff,
Could be exactly my story (including the 5 Day coding challenge :wink: :+1:

I also started in Oct. And today I finished the “Ferris Wheel”. I liked this lesson.
Keep on coding.

Kind regards :wink:

Hey, I’m also a beginner in coding. You gave me hope that anyone can do anything as long as they put their mind to it. Good luck and thanks for sharing.

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