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Day One at FCC ,

I am a hospitality graduate always having a passion in computer, mathematics and sciences. Its never too late so looking forward for a career transition in computer programming .
This is the first ever forum of this type that I have joined till now, so eagerly looking forward to knowing like minded people and get motivation and support from the fellow coders and providing the same while I can .

Wish me all the best !!

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Day 2 at FCC ,
I completed my first part of certification project i.e. Survey Form. All the tests were passed. Although, It doesn’t look exactly how I wanted but it really does look progressive to me .

Clearly, It really looks ugly a bit, however
I will be giving some more time to improving this project in the next couple of days.
I’m tired for now and will resume tomorrow.

Merry Coding Greetings everyone !
TheMuggleCoder Signing Off

So Day 4 at #freeCodeCamp ,
Today I used Pomodoro technique to give 2 and a half hours of coding . It feels so great and relieved that I at least did something towards my goal . Yesterday I wasn’t able to give much time for coding due to some reasons but its fine I made up for that today .
Got another step closer towards becoming a programmer.

Happy Coding Everyone !
Signing Off For Today :wave:

Hola Amigos !
Its Day 5 now and I am trying to progress a bit slowly but consistently . Learnt CSS Typography and a lil bit Accessibility today . Its really cool learning on freeCodeCamp and giving some time to the forum as well . I got up a little demotivated in the morning but had no time to worry about that so after completion of my coding time it feels really good now . All the very best to everyone in the coding community.

Keep Coding !!
Signing Off

Day 6 and 7 ,
Almost completed 3rd required project for certification. Gave really a good amount of time (about 8-9 hours) to coding practice and freeCodeCamp. This coding journey , I’m loving it .

Code and code and code and code !!!
Signing Off

is it gopnna be logging diary / notes kind of a thing?! :grin:

either way happy learning :hearts:

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