I just finished my first day of free code camp!

Last night I posted this thread and I began the curriculum this morning. 12 hours and 100 challenges later, I can finally rest for tonight! It was a bit bumpy at times, but I’ll be back to it in the morning.



Great job! Making progress is always a good feeling. As you work your way through the challenges, be aware the goal is not to complete them as fast as possible, but to learn the concept of what is being taught.

I myself have spent enough time referring back to previous challenges to figure out what I had done after rushing through them.

After saying all that, you are doing great! Keep coding!


Congrats! This is a fantastic tool to learn web development. You’ll find that there are a TON of awesome, friendly people that are ready to help you out at a moment’s notice. Join the chat and interact with the rest of us!


Awesome! I’ll just agree with Bouncey and lunaadam that the community is amazing and very helpful! Also taking your time and pacing yourself a bit is a great strategy for remembering all the lessons. Read-Search-Ask is super helpful when you get stuck.

Also don’t forget that satisfaction you feel when you work out a problem! It’s the best motivator in the world :slight_smile:


Welcome. I’m quite a newbie myself, having been here about a week and a half. I’ve learned so much already and it feels great learning through FCC. Keep at it, a friend told me recently that coding is a bit like performing magic and I totally agree.

Welcome to the community and have a great time here.