Started on a new and unknown path

Hey everyone. Just joined freeCodeCamp!
I’m working in web development, I’m a senior full stack .net developer for about 7-8 years and recently (in February) my first programming course for beginners was approved and published on Udemy.

It’s my first ever course, but I received the Highest Rated badge due to all the great reviews I got. Can’t wait to create the second one :smiley:

Also, I’m starting a publication on Medium related to programming.

By the way, here’s a very nice illustration for while vs do-while statements comparison


Ha! I love it.

Welcome to our community. Congratulations on your Udemy course! Maybe soon you’ll be adding your expertise to our team of contributors and improving FCC’s teaching style.

Yap! Glad to help you! However, I’m not sure what that means as this is my first hour here on freeCodeCamp :slight_smile: Probably you’re referring to posting and answering others questions.

Helping fellow students on the forum is definitely a great way to contribute to our community. Since you have experience creating a course, what I was thinking of though is the Free Code Camp curriculum itself. We’re open source and volunteer driven, so if you ever see an opportunity for improvement in our curriculum, please consider contributing a PR.


Just incase you haven’t seen it, the curriculum is here:

That may be obvious, but sometimes people arrive on the forum not knowing about the actual curriculum :slight_smile: