My journey begins here and now

Hello everyone,

Just wanting to introduce myself and have a time stamp of the beginning of (hopefully) next part of my life/career.

I’m 35 years old with absolutely no prior experience in coding but a long time passion for gaming and computing. Currently in the construction/design industry working a job I have enjoyed but cant see my self doing for another 20+ years…

After having a chat with my cousin who is a Senior Software Engineer and getting inspiration and some direction from him it’s time I start to re-challenge myself and learn something new to stay stimulated and I’m hoping this will lead to an even more enjoyable career eventually.

It’s amazing the amount of resource and support out there to begin learning. Thank you to Quincy and all the contributors!

I started the Responsive Web Design Cert last night and will chisel my way through this a couple of hours a day at a time… wish me luck, it’s already quite the challenge!

Nice to meet everyone and if there’s anything else you would recommend to help a newbie out all advice is most welcome and much appreciated :slight_smile:


Congratulation’s :tada: :confetti_ball: :partying_face:!
Yup coding only gets harder as you go along but at the same time the more you put yourself into it the easier it gets. I wish you all the luck and many happy moments coding! FCC really rocks and following its curriculum is a great way to found structure in learning. Never hesitate to ask for help when you get stuck because that’s what the FCC community is here for.


I wish you good luck on this difficult journey, you will succeed :slightly_smiling_face:


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