New to FCC, Finally Ready To Code Again!

Hello everyone!
New guy here! Thought I should introduce myself and hopefully inspire someone at the same time :smiley:. I am 36 years of age, and have been dabbling in programming on and off for the last 11 years.

I am a person who has battled with mental health issues my whole life. My mental health kept driving me into depression, which in turn made me loose focus on learning to program applications and games, as well as life in general. Whenever I started to grasp anything I put my mind into, I stopped because I thought I was worthless, so I could not learn this.

Last year I finally found what I needed to break out of my negative mental health cycle.
Now I finally feel super motivated to get back into programming in general. So I have started by going for the Responsive Web Design Certification, and I am having a blast so far.

I am super excited to go on this journey with you all and I wanna end this short life story with this: Its never to late better your mental health. It is never to late to start learning new skills. And you can all do it guys! I believe in us all! :smiley:


Cool, welcome back. Good luck and keep us posted.


welcome mate…for your super awesome journey


Good job my dude!

This sounds remarkably familiar to me. It gets a little rough at some points and I actually had to learn some coping skills to progress, but it’s so damn worth it. Have you considered an accountabilibuddy?

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It is worth it indeed. I have not actually. Mostly since I have learned to hold myself accountable, but never say never, I might need one at some point if the going gets rough. :thinking:

You are a great source of inspiration for me kind of students…