Suggestions for learning

I was just wondering if you guys make your own notes for each FCC topic/challenge. I’m having a hard time remembering all the material.

Hey @jub8jive, I’ve been using the w3school online pages to review my html and css skills, they have a lot of micro-lessons that I find helpful. I also recommend that you open up a notepad or similar text editor on your OS. Then take what you’re learning and enter into that text editor, save accordingly(on win x, save as a .html in utf-8 then load up up the page in a browser by putting into the address bar the file folder path where you saved the text edit) I’ve been doing this to practice and try out for myself how different html css elements work. I haven’t gotten to javascript practice just yet. what the most important is that you keep studying and practicing. Even if that means you sit down for an hour a day and stare at your computer. some days you will get an hours worth of code work and on other, maybe 5 minutes because you’re reading and practicing theory and use. sign up for newsletters and listen to podcasts. immerse yourself and you’ll find with persistence and practice you’ll start building, applying and remembering skills. Good luck! :smile:

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