Understanding the concepts behind the FCC challenges

Hi all,

First post here so I hope it’s the right section. I’m in the middle of applied visual design module, as I started recently. The thing is that I can complete all the challenges without any problem, but I don’t feel I’m learning what it’s really to code in HTML and CSS. I feel like FCC lacks of concept explanation or a proper background to really understand how to structure everything. FCC feels like it’s just teaching me tons of features but not really how to put it all together in a real script.

Have you used other resources apart from FCC to better get concepts, code structure, etc?

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HTML and CSS are really just tools for putting data on the screen and controlling what it looks like. The real programming comes in when you start the JavaScript lessons.

Yes I can imagine that, but anyway if you just learn to do like 30 things without any background context, it feels like I’m not learning anything. It feels more clear if they explain me the relation between classes, elements, propieties, and that thing that starts with " : " and the other thing that starts with " # " which I can’t even remember now what it was if I don’t look at my notes. I think that happens because really I haven’t understood what they are and how they relate.

FCC pedogogy is based on showing/doing rather than explaining, but there are amazing resources just a Google search away. Search for things like “what is an html id” and there’s tons of formal and informal documentation. I suspect that most of those explanations won’t make a ton of sense, but it sounds like you prefer to at least have exposure to them. These standalone bits of html and css are kind of like teaching you the alphabet before trying to teach you how to read. We all learn differently though, so I encourage you to spend as much time getting an understanding of the more involved aspects of the DOM as you want to.