How to learn with FCC

Hi guys,

I´m a bit confused by the learning material of FCC.

I also learned with Treehouse and the FCC coding challenges seem a little bit thin on the explanation. For HTML and CSS it´s fine but everything else is a actually a challenge.

Am I supposed to google and use additional ressources to get a more in depth look at the topic? Is it then sufficient to create the projects with google or am I supposed to take other ressources into consideration?

Thanks for clarifying,


Did you go sequentially with JS challenges? And if yes, do you remember what’s the challenge when you first had to google additional information?

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi snigo,

I think the easy codings at Treehouse, repeating what I just learned, put me in a too much comfortable place. I just looked with different eyes at the FCC snippet challenges and now I see that you really have to think about it.

Thanks for your reply.