Is FCC not enough for me or I didn't learn well?

I’ve completed all HTML and CSS as a total newbie to CS.
Then I’m stuck on the last project which is Responsive Web Design. Is this a sign that I should sign up for other online courses? or Google more? I reviewed each lesson thoroughly. I used W3 schools for the foundations but it doesn’t seem to help me directly with the web design. Can someone provide some tips?

Thank you

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Google more and ask more questions. You can do it!


Unfortunately the lessons on FCC leave gaps, imply you know something not covered and breeze over some topics too fast. This will leave you having to lookup things you were not made aware of. I recommend making some flash cards, one-sided is fine, sometimes all you need is to just see it over and over. On the lessons that move over an in-depth concept too quickly, followed by another, this is when it’ll become more important. Then on the reverse side of the card, write down some notes related to the topic if you had to search for it online.


FCC is not meant to be comprehensive. It is a great framework for learning. Yes, there are gaps. Now you need to fill them in. Google, check the docs, build things, make mistakes, fix them, watch youtube videos, read blogs. And most of that stuff is much better on the job training anyway. FCC is a great place to start, but it’s not the end.


I’ve completed 3/5 of the final HTML/CSS projects for the Responsive Web Design Certification, and I found myself having to loo up some of the answers. I didn’t feel confident.

My first round I tried to pass all the lessons as quickly as possible, leaving me to keep going back and “google.”

This second time around I am taking notes (which help me remember if I write them down), then going over that day’s notes while watching YouTube videos on topics that need further understanding.

I feel this will help me be a bit more prepared in building up my confidence so I can finally finish up the last two challenges.


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Thank you so much for all understandings and encouragements!
It means so much to me.

Here below is also a good website for beginners like me!